What Really Grinds My Gears: Lebron, PC Gaming, and Angry Gamers

FloridaFlyer86 is back with his next installment of What Really Grinds My Gears. This time around he takes aim at Lebron James, the lack of love for PC Gaming, and Angry Gamers. Also included in this months article is a mailbag segment featuring comments from readers on SFX-360 and N4G.

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KayHar902903d ago

Not a bad article. I went back and read the other one as well, very well written. I love the post about PC Gaming, so true.

I do have to say that Lebron should not have been mentioned since this is gaming news, but meh, whatever.

Letros2903d ago

A bit behind with times are we? PC games are no longer prominent in stores because retail sales are a thing of the past. Digital distribution is the new booming market as evident from Steam's exponential growth year in and year out.

Let me help you out SFX-360,, enjoy. Check out the THQ pack, lots of good RTS games in there.

StupidFlanders4202903d ago

While I agree with you about PC games in retail stores he does still have a point. The majority of gamers will still go out and buy a $60 game for a console before even thinking about buying a game, which is usually cheaper, on PC. Really the fact that PC games are easily available at home but gamers still go to the stores for console games proves the point that PC gaming is dying.

And nice props for Steam haha, what a fantastic site.

Letros2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I would believe it were dying, but statistics say otherwise.

People just don't go purchase GPU's to play farmville and browse the web.

Enough defending PC gaming though, I know I'll be building and gaming on my rigs long after PS3/360 are taken off the shelves. I guess I'll finally have to upgrade at that point.

Nihilism2903d ago

I buy all my PC games in physical format, I just don't buy them from stores, it's a self perpetuating system wherby they don't stock many games in stores, so I don't go they stock even less. But it started with them, not me. So i'm fine for them to make less money while I pay $20 less for the same games online.

in AUS we pay more for games, but street fighter IV is 'on sale' for $69 in store....I bought it from aus for $24 online with free shipping and I didn't even have to make conversation with a console fanboy to get my game...yep online is the way to go.

I feel sick when I go to EB games and someone is wasting their hard earned money on a PS3 slim bundle and the guy at the counter has to ask if they want to pay a ridiculous amount for a HDMi cable because they don't come with one in the BOX, wtf is that all about...

StupidFlanders4202903d ago

Another thing I wanted to add is that being from Ohio I am sick of Lebron too...But we have to listen to it on the other side of the fence. Anyone want to attend a Lebron jersey burning...there are plenty of them goin on.

I think it's stupid, the guy did a lot while he was here for the game and the community.

BobTheBuilder4112903d ago

My name is BobTheBuilder, and I am an angry gamer...haha.

I admit I am one of those threw their controller, or something else, when I was younger. Especially when playing Mario 64.