Ever Wondered What A Female Kratos Would Look Like?

Well there you have it, folks. If you've ever wondered what a female Kratos would look like feast your eyes above. This version was spotted at the Anime Expo in LA last week. Apparently the guy behind her has never seen a female Kratos. Not sure what he's thinking back there.

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snipermk03074d ago

a female kratos wud look Asian? :[

D4RkNIKON3074d ago

lol I thought the same thing. Male Kratos looks kind of black tho. Not to sound prejudice but yea.

Quagmire3073d ago

Heres the definitive answer:

alphakennybody3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

indeed, she is the female equivalent of kratos.

pixelsword3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

I guess a female Kratos would be Asian: Nariko was.


Ah, I should have clicked your link first, Quagmire. :D

sikbeta3073d ago

"a female kratos wud look Asian?"

Please, look at Quagmire comment and you'll see the Answer...

Incognegro3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

I like how the dude in the background is giving her a look like "Wtf is up with this bitch?"

Hotel_Moscow3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Ever Wondered What A Female Kratos Would Look Like

well Bam there it is

Reibooi3073d ago

ever wondered what a female Kratos would look like?


WetN00dle693073d ago

Well i always though that a female kratos would be a big hairy female. A Hermaphrodite perhaps.

-SIXAXIS-3073d ago

1. She's nowhere near hot/attractive.
2. She's Asian and doesn't suit the role of the God of War.

Pumbli3073d ago


1. That's your opinion.
2. True dat.

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Donny3074d ago

things that make yo go...buuuuuuugggghhhhhh

UNCyrus3073d ago

I dunno why, but I was expecting no shirt... I mean, Kratos doesn't wear a shirt... :(

BlackDynamite3073d ago

Hey lil' mama, it may be bigger than you, and it may be bigger than me, but it ain't bigger than you AND me, can you dig it?

ParadoxMind3073d ago

Love your name and your comment! And you get bubbles plus just for the quote!

Tempist3073d ago

She wouldn't have her shoulders exposed. Someone needs to do more research.

pixelsword3073d ago

well, technically, she shouldn't have a shirt if she's the female Kratos, but I digress.

JohnnyMann4203073d ago

So would we call her a Kilf?

Christopher3073d ago

Female Kratos would more than likely look like Venus Williams with white skin and the typical red tattoo. The woman pictured isn't at all scary and would probably be captured by a cyclops to complete his tea party set.

fatstarr3073d ago

lol at the guys face in the background


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Nike3074d ago

"Ever Wondered What A Female Kratos Would Look Like?"

Nope. And it's kept me sane (so far).

Fishy Fingers3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Probably more like this

Was going to do some photoshop, add the face paint, but could handle looking at it to long.


SixZeroFour3074d ago

why oh why must you scar me for life...lmao

Spenok3073d ago

Those were my thoughs exactly... oi...

DelbertGrady3073d ago

That's not a woman! It has a..."thing".

Spenok3073d ago

Lmao says Soda Popinsky. xD

P.S. i obviously mean the char from the games.

pixelsword3073d ago

I'm glad I didn't eat breakfast first; not like I can do it now, though.

Christopher3073d ago

I don't know whether the give you a bub or try and take one for that 'gift' to us :-/

FwanK3073d ago

cannot unsee the horror!!!!!

weazel3073d ago

..Years of counselling to help me get over that beautiful 'lil image.'s...its crotch is concave!!!!!sob.

WetN00dle693073d ago

Seriously man WTF is

Horny3073d ago

she has so much pussy muscle she could squeeze your cock off

dredgewalker3073d ago

Im gonna be seriously limp for a few weeks because of you Fishy!!!

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mikeslemonade3074d ago

It would look something like Nariko. More finesse moves; instead of aggressive cerebral attacks.

Merivigian3074d ago

I thought the pic would be a bald chick.