NXT Gamer: Ancients of Ooga Review

NXT Gamer's TriggerHappyOli gives his thoughts on Ninja Bee's latest XBLA title, Ancients of Ooga!

"Ancients of Ooga is the latest XBLA title from developer NinjaBee, whose previous work includes Band of Bugs, the free Doritos title Dash of Destruction and one of the debut Avatar games, A Kingdom for Keflings. It follows the story of the Oogani tribe, a group of endearingly ugly little creatures who ignored the advice of their Chiefs and befriended the Boolis, a group of Gorilla-esque blue beasts. Once this trust was established, the Booli’s executed all of the Oogani tribe leaders and enslaved them. You, as the Great Spirit of Ooga, have been summoned by a brave priest to aid the Oogani in rebelling against their new masters by means of supernatural possession and the encouragement of rebellion."

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