Defending the Exclusion of Auto-Save

Dick Ward writes: "Auto-save functionality is something we’ve come to take for granted in videogames these days. It’s right up there with moving the analog stick to run rather than holding a button, or being able to move and shoot. But in the right circumstances, a lack of auto-save can ramp up the tension and make the game that much more exciting."

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Xof2924d ago

But allow me to present a counter-argument: we're not always teenagers. We grow up. We go to college. We get jobs. We have friends. We quickly lose the time we once had to play games. No more all-night sessions of Soul Reaver 2 the day before a math exam for me!

Auto-saves save time. They allow older gamers to bypass a lot of the raw tedium that games employ to draw-out the amount of time a player is playing, or to make the game "addictive." In a game without auto-saves, it's quite common to play for an hour and die, and then lose that entire hour's worth of progress. If you're in the middle of a six-hour session, no big deal, right?

But when you've ONLY got that single hour to play, it's like a punch in the face.