Final Fantasy XIV Beta Screenshots: Striking Characters, Beautiful Environments

Virtual Reality:

"...Check out this bunch of screenshots from the closed beta of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV. The shots are in a mixture of English and Korean, mostly showcasing standard gameplay and environment shots."

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danthegardner2903d ago

I hope they're being sarcastic

nadiap2903d ago

Why? I think they look pretty good for an MMO.

bubbyjoan2903d ago

yeah I think they're really nice

Aquanox2903d ago

Now I know why Microsoft dismissed this one.

Bobbykotickrulesz2903d ago


Well, the graphics are much better than WoW, which is the most played MMO of all time. So by your logic, WoW isn't very popular and if Microsoft had it on the 360 it would do horribly in comparison to FF14.

You get an F. Get back to studying, maggot.

Reibooi2903d ago

Anyone who doesn't think FFXIV is stunning is retarded simple as that. Hate on the game or MMO's in general all you want it looks incredible. It surpasses a crap load of single player games and easily surpasses every other MMO out there or coming out in the next few years.

The game itself will more then likely be far from perfect but the graphics are incredible period.

Darkfiber2903d ago

Hahaha WoW is not anywhere NEAR the most played MMO of all time, Jesus. There are countries outside of your little America, you realize.

Dungeon Fighter Online last reported 200 million players. WoW has maybe 3 million right now.

Motion2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I completely agree with him. I have a mid-high end PC that runs pretty much everything currently out. The FF14 benchmark tool said my PC was fail. That being said, there is no way the 360 could run this game. M$ was just saving themselves the embarrassment.

Bobbykotickrulesz2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Darkfiber has no idea what he's talking about lol.

It's kind of cute when he makes shit up though.

JoySticksFTW2903d ago

I was like "I won't get in..." :(

I'll try to give honest opinions of the game when we're allowed to

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tdrules2903d ago

Aion looks better.
But for a multiplat MMO I guess its OK

shadowmoses6232903d ago

Lol FFXIV Looks way better then Aion.

Motion2903d ago

well, I agree and disagree. I'm an avid AION player, and that being said, from the screenshots of FF14 we've seen, other than the character models, it doesn't look that much more impressive. I will say the FF14 engine looks much more advanced than AIONS, with the lighting effects and based on the benchmark tool. However, from the majority of the screenshots so far, the scenery does look pretty bland. I am expecting alot more in the full release though.

blasian2903d ago

I should be in this dam beta..

Karlnag32903d ago

I am and it's not all that good right now. On the private forums there's a lot of people complaining about various issues and the controls are just so damn stupid and awful. The game would be a lot better if they fixed the controls and gave direct download for patches instead of this p2p shit we've got at the moment... it literally takes over a day just for a 3GB patch. It's pretty poor and outdated as far as mechanics in and out of the game go. Right now FFXI is easier to control FFS. Rant over.

blasian2903d ago

Ya from a vid stream of someone he seemed to have trouble with the controls, and ya ppl in the stream who were in the beta said they were downloading for about 6 hours just to get 33%. Keep up the good work with the testing!

tommyth3cat2903d ago

I have the distinct feeling I'm not going to get into beta... this makes me a sad Galka :(

tommyth3cat2903d ago

Indeed, but I'll still just be calling them by their FFxi names anyway, it'll just be second nature.

2903d ago
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