Red Dead Redemption vs GTA IV - which Rockstar game rules?

The Megabits team look at two of Rockstar's biggest selling titles, and puts them head to head. Which is better, Red Dead or GTA IV?

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MariaHelFutura2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Their both overrated, but RDR is better. I just miss the whole GTA:SA/VC R* days. RDR felt like a cool ideas with very uninspired gameplay.

Can I rob a train or what??? Form a gang (like GTA:SA)? Something. BTW, I did finish it 100% and the main story was cool, but then I was done with it. I played GTA:SA for 2 years off and on, I miss that.

Sunny_D2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I agree ,those two were the best GTA's. GTA4 was overated.

foss32926d ago

I gotta also bubble you up and agree. SA and VC were the best by far.

The question now is how will GTA5 be? Will they truly innovate or just put us in a new setting? I'd like to see a GTA with multiple cities (not just one city split up into islands.)

What Rockstar needs to do is make GTA5 PS3 only. Having this be on 360 and PS3 is really holding this franchise back. But at the end of the day whatever makes the most money is the correct choice.

NecrumSlavery2926d ago

What!? No love for Chinatown Wars?

DS game or not, it's got the coolest Wanted System of the GTA Series. Plus it's got the entire Drug Wars Economy System. Both need to be implemented into the next GTA.

Between IV and RDR though, I choose Red Dead. It had a richer environment. I know it's barren, but GTA IV had very few side missions, you couldn't go into any building except a few minigame locals and a strip joint. You basically drive from yellow circle to yellow circle for 20 hours and that's about it.

badz1492926d ago

but in terms of which 1 is the better game? RDR by a landslide! GTAIV is just average for me!

sofocado2926d ago

I am sorry but GTA IV is not overrated. That you don't like is one thing, but overrated is another. I am glad they went back to Liberty City, that is my favorite location of all GTA series. Just go back to GTA IV is the best so far.

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Hanif-8762926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Gran Theft Auto IV is still my favorite next generation game along with Battlefield Bad Company 2. However, Gran Turismo 5 will be my absolute favorite game this generation because you simply can't go wrong with a real life driving simulator :-)

BattleAxe2926d ago

I beat GTA4 on my PS3 when it first came out, and I though it was good, but a bit over rated. Just recently I bought GTA4 again on STEAM for $4.99 and I've been playing it alot, and I've really been enjoying it.

RememberThe3572926d ago

IMO it is the best open world game since San Andreas.

Darkstorn2926d ago

If I'm in the mood for biting social commentary on modern life, GTA IV is the game to play. If I want a nearly unequaled genre experience, Dead Dead Redemption is the chosen one.

Both games offer amazing storylines and excellent gameplay, but GTA IV was a bit clunky in its presentation. RDR improved upon the Rockstar formula, no doubt about it.

MariaHelFutura2926d ago

"nearly unequaled genre experience"

GTA:SA and VC both destroy RDR.

Darkstorn2926d ago

I didn't mention San Andreas nor Vice City. In addition, this article is comparing GTA IV to Red Dead Redemption, not the older Rockstar games.

RememberThe3572926d ago

But it in now way "destroys" RDR. RDR is an amazing game. Great story, great characters, a lot to do, great action, great visuals. It is all around a great game.

clarkdef2926d ago

Yh I would normally agree. But dude have you gone back and played those games of recent. They are crap LMAO.

sofocado2926d ago

GTA:LC destroy SA and VC put together in the same dvd or in your case same blue ray dic.

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BattleAxe2926d ago

@ Darkstorn,

I totally agree, RDR improved upon the controls. It feels alot smoother and I like how you can switch the over the shoulder view from side to side which helps alot.

DA_SHREDDER2926d ago

Saints Row 2 is the obvious winner here. I wouldn't trade it for either GTA4 or RDR

skip2mylou2926d ago

nope with all the glitches and freezing forget that if volition fraggin fixed their crap before release then yea it would be cool

George Sears2926d ago

You guys sound like a broken record with them San Andreas/Vice City > GTAIV comments.

Nostalgia usually always clouds peoples judgement. I appreciate how awesome San Andreas and Vice City was but I also like the new way they took the series. The game is more serious and more realistic in some aspects.

MariaHelFutura2926d ago

Nostalgia? No.No.No. I wish I didn`t feel this way, it`s disappointing.

More things do acually would be more realistic, don`t ya think?

sofocado2926d ago

Yes Notalgia. you are feeling that way because you are stoke in time. SA is the past. I like the new direction of the series.

Sunny_D2926d ago

If having to be realistic means sacrificing the fun gameplay and options, then you can count me out. It has nothing to do with Nostalgia at all. I can play GTA VC or SA right now and still have a hell of a lot more fun than GTA4 ever gave me.

Microshock2926d ago

Agree. I loved Vice City and San Andreas but I really love GTA4 as well.

It was a nice change of pace to see how different it became. The old games are still there and great

BiggCMan2926d ago

niether rule. san andreas rules.

sofocado2926d ago

LC rules. SA rules last generation. Is time for you to buy the other 2 story for liberty city that comes in one blue ray disc.

BiggCMan2926d ago

no im good. gta4 has been boring to me ever since i got 100% back in 2008, its a shame trophies didnt release for it till months later or else i would have had the platinum. or at least all the single player trophies. no way im goin through that mess of an online experience to get some trophies.

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