Meet the sleuths of Disney Guilty Party for the Wii
"Disney Guilty Party from Disney Interactive and Wideload Games features a family of detectives who have turned crime solving into a family friendly activity for the Nintendo Wii. We've met some of the gadgets of the game and the villainous Mr. Valentine but now we get to take a look at the entire family from patriarch Dorian Dickens to "Kid Riddle" in the latest trailer released for the game."

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Queasy2778d ago

I loved playing Clue as a kid. This game reminds me of Clue. Therefore, I really want to try this game.

CrAppleton2778d ago

Clue for this generation's kids

CrAppleton2778d ago

Max Dickens??? Really?? LMFAO

Neco5122778d ago

Haha, dickimus maximus. that's so dumb it's funny. Great going Disney.

killyourfm2778d ago

As we all know, Disney has to sneak in some kind of sexual reference in whatever they produce. Wow...

MxShade2778d ago

This looks like they're trying to make a Sam & Max with mini-games. Maybe it's just the animation style.

Queasy2778d ago

Yeah, but Sam & Max was only one player. This is up to four.

2778d ago
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