The Creator of Sony's Fake Exec Hero Moves To Activision

Activision Publishing's new head honcho may be the man behind Sony's tie-wearing, trash-talking fake spokesman Kevin Butler, but that doesn't mean the largest publisher in the world will be getting their own fake executive hero soon......

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Newtype3076d ago

kind of a misleading title.

Timberland2K93076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

simply: this title is fake
And Kotaku fabricated their title so much, you have to read in depth to actually know what they're talking about. Just get to the point dammit

N4PS3G3076d ago

Blame the submitter for changing the title and not Kotaku because they don't even mention Kevin Butler on the title.

XxSolid SnakexX3076d ago

Change the title please and thank you :)

Gue13076d ago

deadoralive1337 changed the tittle to flamebait to atrract the hits and higher degree.

Isn't that against the rules of N4G? Why we even have rules in this site anyway...?

sikbeta3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Should I report this?

Never did it, but I have to do an exception this time...

"Activision Publishing's new head honcho may be the man behind [Sony's tie-wearing, trash-talking fake spokesman Kevin Butler], but that doesn't mean the largest publisher in the world will be getting their own fake executive hero soon."

Are the guys at Tooltaku mad for some reason? lol


Someone change the title at least:

[The Man Behind Sony's Fake Exec Hero Moves To Activision]

BeaArthur3076d ago

Wiimaniac...there are no rules here. In theory maybe, but not in practice.

PshycoNinja3076d ago

Did bobby Kotick get fired or something?

Cause from what I understand you can only have ONE CEO in a company.

And the title and first paragraph are bullcrap. Kotaku doesnt talk much about KB or that he's at Activision. Freakin' Kotaku always trying to draw in gamers with their stupid sh*t.

STK0263076d ago

And he will be CEO of Activision Publishings, not Activision Blizzard. They even mention in the article that he will have to answer to CEO Kotick.

sunnygrg3076d ago

If Activision stopped being an ass so much, maybe they wouldn't need any possible help they get.

Reibooi3076d ago

Honestly unless he can get Activision to change how they function as a company and get Kotick to go away or at the very least shut the hell up he isn't going to be able to help much.

Activision has one thing that has caused people to have a negative view of them and that one thing is Bobby Kotick. He is a douche of the highest degree and treats everyone in the company like a tool instead of people. It's his fault alone the public's view of the company is so bad.

RageAgainstTheMShine3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

“It was vital to have a leader who was a dedicated gamer, inspired creative thinker, and possessed the ability to manage and lead creative talent in a manner that produced both superior products....

....and provided SUPERIOR SHARE HOLDER"S RETURNS,” said Activision’s Bob Kotick, Chief Executive Officer of Activision Blizzard.

That's Kotick for you!

Anyways, who ever CEO Eric Hirshberg is , he is a freaking genius to ever come up with Kevin Butler! Hope will do us PS3 gamers a lot of exclusive favors from Activision in the days to come.

Another win for PS3 gamers.

To those who approved this news title.... thank you very much your stupidity has got the better of your small pea brains. Thanks for the publicity, numb nuts! XD

LOLZ at Kotickavision and Milkavision! XD

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Christopher3076d ago

How did this get approved with such a poor title that doesn't even match the title of the source?

XxSolid SnakexX3076d ago

It just doesn't even make sense how can Kevin Butler join Activision it just boggles my mind he's not a game developer i guess we have idiots on here that approve anything.

JD_Shadow3076d ago

Nightshade386 (1) | 20m ago
drummerx2709 (3) | 17m ago
BIoodmask (5) | 17m ago
Da Ill One (1) | 18m ago
killyourfm (2) | 19m ago

THAT'S how it got approved.

Davoh3076d ago

Kevin Butler VP of Sony relations with Activision

NateNater3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

My bad for approving guys :/
I should have thought about it more...

But you know it would have been approved anyway

PS3Freak3076d ago

of course bloodmask approved it.

RageAgainstTheMShine3075d ago

“Eric is unique in this regard. There was no one we could find who possessed the unique blend of skills that Eric brings to Activision. His experience helping to develop strategies for his clients like Sony’s PlayStation, Direct TV and HTC have given him unique exposure to video games, SUBSCRIPTION-BASED ENTERTAINMENT and the delivery of mobile content,” continued Kotick.


at least he will still be handling the Kevin Butler ads which is good.

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menoyou3076d ago

Slowtaku and HipHopGaymer are the QUEENS of misleading titles. I wish the community could vote on banning them from posting.

GiggMan3076d ago

I saw Kevin Butler and Activision in the title and thought to myself this is going to be good or at least funny.... sadly it was neither.

DORMIN3076d ago

That was the point. 300 degrees already -___-

*walks away*

Spenok3076d ago

Thats not "kind of" thats straight up lieing. Though on the point this guy Activision is getting seems pretty cool. I wonder what he's going to do for ActiBlizzard.

Darkstorn3076d ago

Kevin Butler did great PR work for Sony, and he'll do the same for Activision. Even if he isn't necessarily 'joining' them, Activision is still tapping him for public relations.

morkendo3076d ago

going to activision??? FAKE

jack_burt0n3076d ago

It takes more than that to save the relations of a company like Activision, I still dont touch their stuff unless its preowned.

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ThatCanadianGuy3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Yeah, not even close to what the actual article says.

colonel1793076d ago

Yeah, WTF with this title? Hopefully mods would delete the story, or change it.

wiggles3076d ago

Do a search for "kevin butler joins"...and omg nothing comes up!

Article should be deleted or at least forced to change the title.

KevinButlerVP3076d ago

Fake? I'm as real as that pimple on your face.

SOAD3076d ago

OMG, my mom said no one would notice.

mrv3213076d ago

Kevin Butler JUST KNOWS.

PSfan093076d ago

kevin butlter is going to be bigger than billy mays

hybridtheory123076d ago

I dont get it what happened?

wiggles3076d ago

nothing...the title is just horribly misleading..

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