Why Kinect and Move may fail

One thing that has become very apparent over the past few months is that there is very big rift in the gaming industry between the core consumer and the industry. Sony and Microsoft have both taken a que from Nintendo's Wii and declared motion controls to be the future. But do gamers really want motion controls?

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omodis4202926d ago

The article makes a decent point. But I really see Move doing well because Sony wants it to play both casual and hardcore. It will be interesting to see how Sony market move. If they ever do! YOU HEAR ME SONY!

AAACE52926d ago

They wont fail! Each one will appeal to a different audience. Most of you may hate one of them, but no one knows what people will find interesting.

1Victor2926d ago

people or the site specify witch examiner .com it is that the article coming from because this guy is a good example of whats wrong with gaming news this gen wile the Atlanta guy is a good example of how it should be impartial and letting the reader decide for them selves .

Why o why2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

They are very different approaches to the same crowd BUT the actually products are different and have different potentials. Its a possibility that only one may fail. These articles are a tad annoying.

Yeah i can see that, but its obvious both company's are using different approaches. e3 kinda showed us that. They may fail on their own merits NOT because they are going after the same market but because they are different products altogether. Controller-less vs controlled. Super casual vs core, casual and wii portable. So yeah they can fail but not for the same reasons imo

The_Zeitgeist2926d ago

The article is not saying they will fail. Rather it is saying why they could fail.

TheWarmth2926d ago

The only one that will fail is Move. Kinect is going to appeal to the Wii crowd that want more from their games. As opposed to crappy shovel ware.

Cenobia2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

So where in the stuff that MS has shown do you see the "more". So far we've seen Wii retreads including sports and fitness. I don't see why the Wii crowd will rebuy the same thing.

In my opinion the Wii crowd is a terrible target audience because they've already done the "move around to play a video game" thing and I don't think they'll be that interested in buying the same thing again. Kinectimals is really all MS has to sell them so far anyway.

Move has the potential to not "fail" because they are targeting both the casuals who don't own a PS3 and their core market. They are looking to expand the way in which games are played. Move is also being sold at a profit, which Kinect probably won't be.

Kinect will probably sell more (just because of MS marketing), but since its most likely being sold at a loss they're going to actually have to sell a crap ton of those casual games they've been showing.

Omega42926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Kinect will do fine with MS's massive ad campaign, unlike Move, Kinect can live along side a Wii cause they are so different. I don't see any Wii owner wanting to pick up Move if they already got a Wii, especially not for $399+, MS hasn't revealed pricing but im betting the bundle will be $299 max.

Jay5202926d ago

I don't see any wii owner wanting to pick up kinect if they already got, especially not for $299+. Why would they waste money for games already on the wii.

As for move, wii owners don't have to buy it, It can do fine selling to the existing userbase. Can't say the same for Kinect.

Hope you have fun with kinectimals. I know I'll enjoy move.

Ju2926d ago

Maybe. Kinect will bring gamers over from the Wii; and Sony will Move gamers over from the 360. I can see that, yes.

Why o why2926d ago

but the wii+ and even the wii is more versatile and accurate than kinect....they're casual not dumb

n4gno2926d ago

Omegafanboy forget to mention that move is perfect wiimote with hd games, on the superior hardware + eye toy kinect like....kinect, it's just eye toy +.

IneedWeed2926d ago

I think people that have a Wii and is looking for a High Def console, will see the PS3 looking pretty good. They can watch blu-rays, play good exclusives and play the much more accurate and upgraded PS Move games that they wish the Wii could've done. You can get a PS3 Slim for $220 brand new (last time I checked) and an extra $100 PS Move Bundle is overall pretty cheap. The Wii owners will realize how much better PS3 is in versatility and power.

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Fishy Fingers2926d ago

I'm sure both will do fine, especially with new comers to their respective brands.

Dont see that many of the current "hardcore" users of either picking them up though, especially Kinects unless they start showing something more suited to the demographic.

raztad2926d ago

Funny. Omega is the Patcher of N4G.

MOVE has a lot of potential, so precise it could be finally be used to play RTS, point and click games on a console.

The_Zeitgeist2926d ago

Move has a lot of potential but how will Sony market it.

Spenok2926d ago

Kevin Butlet of course.

Ju2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )


"Game [X] supports Move". Happened already without big marketing coin.

Maybe the technology sells itself. Sometimes what works can be very convincing.

Can't believe, for example, that Sony's wallet was bigger than MS's to get Move support in RUSE and not Kinect...

Somehow they managed to convince developers to support Move with not much effort. Maybe because - for a change - it easy to implement ?

jneul2926d ago

yeah and RUSE is one of them games that supports move and not kinect

Nike2926d ago

@jneul: Did you even know about RUSE before the Move support was announced?

Ju2926d ago

Can't speak for jneul, but I certainly did. Demo on PC (or Beta or what that was through Steam). Nice game, has potential. Was hoping for an RTS with Move support and surprised when they announced it. Didn't like mouse nor controller support in the game, hope Move will change that

I can see it, RTS played from the couch without breaking my fingers. Looking forward to it. (Somebody should patch Endwar).

jneul2926d ago

actually I heard about it, but was not bothered about it until it got move support as I have tried to play RTS games on my ps3 using dualshock, but it is awkward, now that we essentially have a 3d mouse I will definitely be getting RTS games

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