Bungie's Quantum Mechanics Equation is Causing A Stir

Calling all mathematicians and/or nerds out there, the public needs your help. Above is a Quantum Mechanic equation, namely Schrodinger's Equation. fierce Scuba of Loot Ninja know this because he took a year of Advanced Physical Chemistry in Graduate school. Bungie posted this equation recently on a post and people are speculating over what it means.

Quantum Mechanics is math with no numbers so to speak. Symbols and an expressions all have values, but are computed to either make the function reappear, equal to zero, or one.

So what is the point? This could be a major plot spoiler.

The sole fact these guys want to incorporate quantum mechanics into Halo 3 scares him to death.

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drunkpandas3790d ago

So apparantly Schrodinger did some thought experiments with a cat (not a real cat). If the cat is put into a box in isolation (decoherence) and fed poison, the cat’s position on quantum space can only be said to be combination of possible rest states (eigenstates), because to find out it’s exact state would require the observer to interfere with the experiment. So in layman’s terms, the cat is somewhere between alive and dead, or both.

Now how does this fit into Halo? Well, one thought that has been proposed would be surrounding Master Chief. He’s been in isolation inside his MJOLNIR Mark V armor suit for the extent we’ve seen him throughout the games. Because he’s been in isolation, we don’t know what sort of state he’s in.

Another theory involves Cortana. Since she could be imprisoned by the Gravemind, we don’t know what her state is, whether with or against Master Chief.

These are just some thoughts, I could be way off base.

PS360PCROCKS3790d ago

Ohhhh ok, Yea! Yeah, you lost me about three words in lol :)

WilliamRLBaker3790d ago

Basically its this
When you are trying to find out the mathamatical(numbers)
essence(being) of a thing you cannot, because as soon as you Interact (fiddle) with it, Its Mathamatical (numbers) Essence(being) changes...

Its like this....If I put some water into the microwave, and want to find out its exact tempature, I will have to open the microwave thus stoping the heating of the water therefor lowering its tempature...

Rute3790d ago

drunk pandas, you forgot to tell that the whole point of the "cat example" is that the poison release system is connected to a quantum mechanics related process, such as beta decay AND that is why no-one can know what the cat's fate is until the door of the safe/lid of the box is opened.

I believe that the Halo plot is concentrated on the the theory (derived of the uncertainity principle, related to Schrodinger's equation) that there's universes according to every possible new quantum position of every single elementary particle and that would have to do something with the Halos being almost indestructible if they would have means to move between these universes.

PS360PCROCKS3790d ago

Yeah that's what I got too lmao

ben hates you3790d ago

a movie, i can't remember what its called

drunkpandas3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

That massive mound in the Halo 3 trailers is actually the new master computer built by Deep Thought to calculate the answer to the one question :)

drunkpandas3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Another theory raised by a reader/friend after reading about the Dirac equations and Klein-Gordon equation which are loosely based on Schrödinger’s equation, is its the equation for a super-weapon. It may be part of the equation that show how the Halo’s work, and how they are able to take protons and photons and use them to destroy planets.

This comes from someone studying for a PhD in Physics.

XENOCIDE3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I'm pretty sure the 42 answer was right...carry the 1..yeah man. IX was correct, I can verify, got it all on paper.

kewlkat0073790d ago

you beat me to it. No fair..

RBlaze3790d ago

..It kills the things on them. Its gotta be linked between probability and time, thats the big thing about the Schrodinger eqs.

VirusE3790d ago

Could it have something to do with time travel? Per the monitor the last time the ring was fired the master chief fired it. He talks about how the chief asked him what he would have done and after having considerable time to think about it his opinion still has not changed. He makes tons of comments that lead you to believe that he has met the chief before yet the last time the ring was fired was millions of years ago.

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Daxx3790d ago

Pi x Inifinity = Halo 3... I don't know.

I'll just go with 42 as the answer. ^_^ Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Glaxay is such a good book btw.

taz80803790d ago

Dude I was thinking Pi also. When in doubt go with Pi, 3.14......

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