State of Play: Halo 3 hands on

BBC reports from Amsterdam, and the reporter's first impression is that the hand-on gameplay session is mostly underwhelming.

"For a moment it appears as though Halo 3 has crash landed in Gears of War territory - the gothic and crepuscular Xbox 360 title. But after a few bends and turns you emerge onto the familiar candy-coloured landscape so familiar to Halo players.

And this is where the first disappointment sets in - graphically Halo 3 is more of an evolutionary leap than brave new world. It is Halo 2 on steroids with familiar looking colours, textures and flavours.

Everything has a high definition sheen but there are noticeable jagged edges to objects and buildings, and close up some textures look distinctly rough.

It should be made very clear that the game we were playing was beta code and not finished game, but I will admit to feeling underwhelmed."

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SuperSaiyan43884d ago

They were soo high they didnt know what they were playing...Fools.

vidoardes3884d ago

Or mayby, just mayby... they wern't actually impressed because it wasn't that impressive? I must admit, I have yet to see anythign of this game that isn't Halo 2 with better graphics and a few new weapons.

eLiNeS3884d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Halo 3 HD Screenshots:

Download the (54.21 MB) HD version here:

Bungie must be pulling something like they did with the Co-Op, their letting reporters play a downgraded copy to get a little bad press and then WOW them at the last min. with what we all been expecting!!! FTW

Jo0j3883d ago

name one sequal that isn't just ''better graphics and a few new weapons.''

deepio3884d ago

I don't think there's many people who don't find the visuals underwhelming. But, Halo games have never had amazing graphics, the attraction is much deeper than that.

MarioFromTexas3884d ago

It's funny how xbots lastgen always talk about Halo graphics and now that HALO3 graphics are not on par with other games, now they say it's always been about the gameplay,,,biachhh plz.....Halo is a good game and have always enjoy it, it's just not the epic game people make it out to be.

How can he be playing a beta when the game comes out next month, I guess his hoping for an improvement.

IQUITN4G3883d ago

Halo 1 and 2 had amazing graphics and just last night i was playing Halo2 on my 360 - it still holds up superbly well and this is just the Xbox version.Halo is unlikely to have disapointing visuals.

Dlacy13g3884d ago

It should be made very clear that the game we were playing was beta code and not finished game,.....

enough said... their comments about jaggies, glitches, etc mean NOTHING once this was stated.

GnaM3884d ago

They have a month left to finish the game yet the AI is still highly buggy and doesn't seem to know what to do? Sure they'll probably work out the bugs by release, but to impress me the game would need superior enemy AI to what we saw in Halo 2; hopefully an improvement over Halo 1 even. The fact that the AI is still so buggy so late in the development cycle seems to indicate that it was a low priority and Bungie was primarily just focused on story and visuals of campaign rather than the gameplay.

darx3884d ago

Can you tell me how old the beta they were playing was? Maybe it was a six month old beta.

Dlacy13g3884d ago

Beta code is unfinished game code. It represents over all game play but is not at all representative of what the final build will be. Graphical upgrades Always occur late in developement and are not priority. As for AI bugs...obviously this is what Beta is all about.

So again...if they said we got to play a level off the final build I would be worried. But when you tell me you played off the Beta....well I will take all the critiques with a major grain of salt and wait to hear from someone who played off the final build.

BrainDrain3884d ago

Personally, I don't want Bungie to "reinvent" Halo now that we are to finish the fight. I loved the first two and I'll be happy to have HD graphics but still have that familiar Halo feel. Bigger battles, new weapons, levels, etc. That's all I need. And 4 player coop is gonna be great. That was the one major thing my friends and I were looking forward too.

Odion3884d ago

Why have other actual websites played the same level and said the complete opposite. I trust Gaming sites not the BBC.

also I would be pissed if they try to create a totally different game, just like i would be stupid angry if Blizzard change starcraft

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