IGN: PlayStation Plus Video Walkthrough

PlayStation Plus has been available for a few weeks now, but a ton of people still don't understand the program. Is it a direct competitor to Xbox Live? What does it get you?

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Darkstorn2900d ago

Good, informative video. I may actually invest in Playstation Plus now. Maybe.

Dramscus2900d ago

I'm just waiting till they preview a game I don't have.
Also give away and have discounts on games I don't have. :P when that day comes though. I'll be all over it lol

Spenok2900d ago

I'm in the same boat. I know i'm going to purchase it soon, i just dont know exactly when. Hmmm...the only problem is they bring new content every week, and take away some of the free content every week as it worth missing out on some of the smaller content just for that first big freebee?

Kurisu2900d ago

Same here. I already have wipeout, destrucion derby, superstardust, shatter and age of zombies lol. Once a new set of games are introduced I may purchase plus, ad it's a very good deal.

XxSolid SnakexX2900d ago

I agree the video was very informative and it basically tells you everything great about ps+ so ppl will realize how great it is :)

Forbidden_Darkness2900d ago

Yeah, I got my gold cross, what ya going to do 'bout dat?

Slient Knight 92900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

you know what look good on your golden cross a body, contact Jesus at

SeanRL2900d ago

You know what would look good in your sentence? Grammar

Focker-4202900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

So far its been excellent for myself. Its only been 2 weeks and I've already gotten more than my money's worth. I can't wait to see what we get today. The store updates in 4 hours.

edit: Geez!!! almost everyone on that guy's list has it. I've only got 4 friends that have it.

Forbidden_Darkness2900d ago

I still have to pick up the DLC for Magic Orbs and Cuboid (but i have to redownload them).

I have 6 other friends as of now who have the Gold Cross :)

WildArmed2900d ago

i have about 14 friends.. and I have some friends who plan on buying it after 2 months (since they already own the content for these two months)

I've very pleased..
Got Wipeout HD..
great Minis.
But hopefully next month it'll be a Full Game Trial of a game that I don't already own xD

Focker-4202900d ago

Ok so the store just updated and what we got this week was 3 dynamic themes ($3 each), a sackboy avatar, and $5 off of Gravity Crash.

So in total for 3 short weeks we've gotten:

Wipeout HD
Rally Cross (PS1)
Age of Zombies (Mini)
Fieldrunners (Mini)
6 Free DLC Packs
A Qore Episode
2 Regular Themes
3 Dynamic Themes
6 Avatars
$44 dollars in discounts

Take it as you will, but thats after only 3 weeks of a service that will continue to grow and add even more content and features.

redDevil872900d ago

I would have got it, but i already have wipeout HD.

Wow i didn't even know there was an automatic download feature added.

BeaArthur2900d ago

I still don't think I will get my moneys worth.

zootang2900d ago


What would they have to offer you to sign up then?

BeaArthur2900d ago

Probably nothing honestly. The free version does everything I need. I don't play many arcade titles and I don't buy a ton of DLC. I have been on the PSN for about 3 years and I have spent less than $50 since I've had it.

3241104932900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

don't tell me you are considering/bought the package, because if that is the case then, well you will just get screwed over! you get so little content for the $50 (if you want to get the yearly subscription) you pay, it is not like, "Get any 2 PSN games for free from the PS Store", it's like, "Get any 2 PSN games for free of the 4 (or whatever #) games we offer you". Not to mention, you are just renting the games that you get for free, after your subscription expires, you are no longer able to access the content you get for free. The Automatic Download is completely useless, it is not even a highly demanded feature, if however, sony offers Cross Game chat or Access to PS2 games with the package, then that could have been worth considering. PSN Plus is just not worth the money, I mean, if it were like, I don't know, $10, then it would've been a better deal. You can say that Sony will add more features/services to the package; then get it when they do that. Sony did a horrible job with PSN Plus, it was supposed to attract PS3 users to get the package so that they can improve the package, and no one is attracted to this "half-cocked" (just like what Jack Tretton once said) package.

Cogan12900d ago

So even though you WILL be getting around €200 worth of games/avatars etc your not getting your moneys worth? How exactly does that make sense since your only paying 50. If the content appeals to you then its always worth it. Its a choice.

bunfighterii2900d ago

It's not worth it to me either. I don't want a bunch of minis because I'm not going to play them. I never cared what my current avatar was, and I make a point of never playing demos of games because there's nothing better than popping in a game for the first time and being amazed at how cool it is.

WildArmed2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Honestly, I think u are taking your 'money's worth' a bit too far.

Assuming they give you 10$ worth of content per month.. it's still well over 50$ by the 12 months subscription.
And as you said, You don't buy many games from PSN, so I'm sure you'd get around 30$ of content each month.

Now, I completely understand that you dont hold any interest in the games they are offering atm (like Wipeout HD).
But to say that you still think you won't get your money's worth is baffling.
(not that anything is wrong with your position, I'm just expressing my view on it -- since I hit disagree, I thought u deserved a respone for it)

OSU_Gamer2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Just because you get something free that cost $10 dollars, doesn't mean its worth that $10 to you. If PSN gave me $50 worth of stuff I don't care for, that $50 isn't justified.

I'm not making any statement on the worth of the free stuff that PSN offers because I don't know everything they offer, but I agree with where BeArthur is coming from.

@ below

Of course the cost of everything that you would get for free would be larger than $50 but how much of it is worth it? A free avatar that I would never use in the first place or a discounted game that I would never play in the first place isn't going to justify it to me.

Neo Nugget2900d ago

If you download everything that's free, you will no doubt get more than what you paid for your purchase. We're 2 weeks in out of 15 months. We've got a long way ahead of us.

BeaArthur2899d ago

Okay, so I don't understand why everyone is arguing with my point of view on "moneys worth". Just because they give you more than $10 worth of free stuff every month doesn't mean I want that stuff. I would basically be paying to get free crap I don't care about and won't use/play.

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