Impressions: RUSE With PlayStation Move ( "After PlayStation Move was announced, rumours started up about which games would be featuring the new technology. Many third-party games have since stated that they will be adopting the tech, including Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. Ubisoft's RUSE is another such title. At the recent Ubisoft Summer Showcase, we got a chance to see how RUSE works with PlayStation Move."

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ShawnCollier3075d ago

I've enjoyed some of the RTS games on the Nintendo DS with stylus control, should be neat to see how it works w/ Move, since the Wii doesn't have many RTS games.

Selyah3075d ago

Sounds pretty neat, just an alternate way of playing it.

Slient Knight 93075d ago

give me total war game with move support

Spenok3075d ago

That would be sick. Either that or Starcraft or Warcraft. xD

Slient Knight 93075d ago

why not all 3, would be crazy

ThanatosDMC3075d ago

Company of Heroes with all the dlc on max graphics would be awesome for me. Imagine a PS3 game like it without multiplayer lag on an 8 player match which is always hectic on steam.

raztad3075d ago

Point and click interfaces are better with a point and click device like MOVE or a mouse. Once you get used to it, everything should be faster and streamlined, which is critical in strategy games.

s45gr323075d ago

So it works like a mouse and keyboard yay!!! Better than a gamepad.