Need For Speed ProStreet: F**k The Police!

Speaking to SPOnG, Need For Speed ProStreet producer, John Doyle has dropped the bomb that there is no police intervention in the latest incarnation of the old favourite.

"Well, we've used the police in the past couple of games to provide consequence. You know, if you mess around with them too much in Most Wanted they're going to chase you, and that's quite fun. If you push them too far you get 'Busted', and if you get Busted too many times you lose your car. They're kind of the 'teeth' of the game. This year we made damage that 'teeth'", John tells SPOnG in an interview that you can read right here, right now.

"We wanted to keep the cars on closed tracks and in street locations but we did not put in traffic. We did not put in cops this year, so the goal is really about that racing performance and not so much on the police", he confides while also telling us, "But I don't think you've seen the last of the police in the Need For Speed games."

Read on for the full interview.

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360Sheep3944d ago

thats the reason need for speed is good, because the cops are always hassling ya and on your tail and you have to evade and piss em off... too bad.

deepio3944d ago

Course there won't be police intervention. It's ProStreet as in Professional Racing!

MK_Red3944d ago

I think its a bit rude to have f**k in the title. But great find and interview. I wonder when Burnout add cops so that we can take em down!

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The story is too old to be commented.