Medal of Honor Limited Edition wont cost you extra

EA's modern take on the Medal of Honor series is getting a special Limited Edition version that costs exactly the same as the regular version. Of course you get what you pay for

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silkrevolver2926d ago

...if you had both a 360 and PS3... At any rate, is Frontline any good? I’ve never played it.

PirateThom2926d ago

It's worth buying for Frontline alone. It's the PINNACLE of WWII Shooters. You've seen the Normandy landing in Saving Private Ryan, yeah? The game recreates that amazingly, very viseral and intense.

morventhus2926d ago

sooo true.... cant wait to get it to just do that level XD

SuperStrokey11232926d ago

It comes with frontline? I wasnt aware of that. Thats great news.

SeanRL2926d ago

Only the ps3 version does.

pr0digyZA2926d ago

Haven't played frontline but Im sure the landings were in MOH: allied assault.

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AAACE52926d ago

At the time, Frontline seemed great, especially since people liked the scene from Saving Private Ryan, but to me the game wasn't that good! I lost interest almost halfway through.

PlainOldGamer2926d ago

I always like it when they give you a limited edition for free :)
BlazBlue and Battlefield also have done this, it's a great way to reward fans who but it New Day-1!

BattleAxe2926d ago

BC2 Limited Edition was the same price also, but in the end it was also a bare bones game. This game is going to suck.

Quagmire2926d ago

Youre expecting too much from a fps war game then.

You should play more sci fi fps

BattleAxe2926d ago

I've been playing FPS war games and TPS war games for a long time, and the Battlefield games on consoles are bare bones. Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and Call of Duty have always had way more to offer. Socom games on the PS2 had way more to offer as well.

But lets take Modern Warfare 2 for instants... When it was released last November it came with 16 multiplayer maps, 12 different game modes and 23 co-op missions. Compare that to BC2's 4 game modes(not available on all maps) 8 maps and no co-op out of the box. We all know now that they want $10 for co-op.

You are the type of person who by supporting non fully featured games like BC2 and like MoH will be, are going to give life to these kinds of nickle and dime business practices.

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DlocDaBudSmoka2926d ago

comes with Frontline. I agree with u PT, after seeing Saving Private Ryan and then playing frontline, i could feel the tenseness and anxiety of it all. i couldnt imagine what it was really like.

Spenok2926d ago

Frontline in HD on my PS3 (hopefully with a full trophy set with a platinum of its own) will be sweet. I cant wait for it.

BeaArthur2926d ago

Won't cost me anything, the beta is average at best so I won't be getting it.

duplissi2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

i could of told you that...
i have the limited edition battlefield bad company 2 and i didnt pre order or pay extra for it. i never even use the limited weapons either.... i highly doubt i would with MOH.

so would someone please tell me why others are getting their panties all up in a bunch.

P1NKY2926d ago

Because the special edition comes with an extra game. MoH: Frontline, plus the weapons. Why would you even consider buying the standard edition if you could buy the special edition at no extra cost and get 2 games.

I think that is the reason why people are getting excited.

duplissi2926d ago

well yeah frontline is great and i understand why you would be excited for it, but i was refering to all the people who were pissed off in the other article.

Jeff2572926d ago

Ive already got the PS3 version on pre order. I absolutely loved Medal Of Honor Frontline on the PS2 so Im psyched to be able to play it in HD on my PS3. Also Ive played the beta for MOH and I enjoyed it more than I have COD. Im really excited to see what the SP will be like as well. But if anyone has both a 360 and the PS3 then I have to ask this. Why wouldnt you buy it for anything but the PS3? You seriously cant go wrong getting two games for the price of one.

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