Halo Reach Legendary edition packaging is epic

gameranx writes -Bungie has revealed the packaging for the Legendary Edition of Halo: Reach via Twitter

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Blacktric2655d ago

Yeah. And it is going to come with legendary shipping problems.

SixZeroFour2655d ago

i dont get it...has that happened in the past or something?

dkblackhawk502655d ago

Well, Halo 3's limited edition case gave the disc scratches etc. That was the only biggy and happened to a few.

NikoleSmash2655d ago

Ahhh I can't wait to play this! September 14t can't come fast enough!

SixZeroFour2655d ago

gunna be so awkward carrying that huge "crate" around...lmao, luckily im planning on doing the midnight launch so i will be fellow halo fans and less awkward lol

ASSASSYN 36o2655d ago

I rather have an insignificant moment of awkwardness then miss out on this gem.

SixZeroFour2654d ago

lol...yea, im not gunna be missing out on this, but seriously, i thought the halo 3 legendary was pretty big walking out (no bag :S stupid EB games, lmao) and this, from the pics, looks like it may just be a big bigger overall aswell

williamkenny2655d ago

Meh, packaging smackaging.

slimy the g8ter2655d ago

say anything slightly bad bout halo and u will get thrashed

mcnablejr2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

say anything bad that even touches on a sony topic, and get put down to 1 bubble.

Loved the reach beta =)

slimy the g8ter2654d ago

4 disagrees when stating fact

lugia 40002655d ago

Jesus thats big! Well worth the price with a statue!

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The story is too old to be commented.