Five Ways To Improve The Pokemon Series

Pokemon is a great franchise, the "catch em all" formula is still a lot of fun, but it has remained pretty much the same for the last 10 years. Here are five ways Gamefreak and Nintendo can improve the series.

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pat_11_52652d ago

Personally I like the fact that the series hasn't really evolved that much but there are still some major things Gamefreak should modernize. Most particularly the online experience, Pokemon has so much potential when it comes to online gaming and I've yet to see the developers take advantage of it yet.

silkrevolver2652d ago

I don’t really agree with any of these... besides bringing back former regions, a-la Gold and Silver. If I could improve pokemon in any way, I’d...
1) Allow the player to carry more than 6 pokemon at a time.
2) Double/tripple battles are optional with any NPC Trainer in the game that has more than 1 pokemon.
3) You get to chose 2 starters out of a batch of 6... this evens out the increased amount of pokemon you have with you.
4) There are more than 8 gym leaders... say, 14, but you only have to beat 10 to get to the elite 4.
5) After you beat the main game in the new region, you can go to EVERY old region and fight all of the gym leaders and elite four.

mrv3212652d ago

Here's one idea, make it so the started pokemon cannot be weak to the first gym leader. For example say if you picked a fire one and discovered the first gym leader used water pokemon, you'd spend quite a while grinding just to beat her.

Make it so your pokemon interact more with each other and complement their skills. For example a entire bag of water pokemon should have some stat bonus... or if you have one healer etc.

Make it so there's only 4 pokemon types, Water, Leaf, Fire, Air and from their have all the sub ones like ghost etc. So it's really easy to figure how which pokemon to use.

All pokemon level up in your bag, regardless if their out or not. I hate grinding one pokemon just so he's/she's 33.

No low level random encounters, seriously I have a level 80( I think ) Venusaur I don't want to fight some level 10 or under pokemon, or atleast just make it less frequent.

silkrevolver2652d ago

Except for maybe only the 4 main types thing... but I can see how that could be cool. And I know what you mean about the first gym leader... In Red/Blue, I remember having a charmander, so I had to level up a caterpie into a buterfree just to beat Onyx.

BannedForNineYears2652d ago

I've gotta ask, Silk.
Is your avatar of Oprah? o.o

silkrevolver2652d ago

yep! haha, I was in a Killzone 2 clan called OBC (Oprah’s Book Club.) I came up with the name. Best. Idea. Ever.

pat_11_52652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

That same exact thing happened to me in Soul Silver, I had to level up my Chikorita just to Bugsy. His Scyther kept destroying me with uturn, man was that a difficult battle. It probably took me a few hours to finall beat him.

Stealth20k2652d ago

Aside from maybe new pokemon design and new matching of pokemon types aka fire/dragon

pokemon is fine the way it is

SpoonyRedMage2652d ago

The only thing I'd change is how HMs work because of the limited move pools. HMs suck for now...

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The story is too old to be commented.