Konami Reveals More Details and Trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

DualShockers writes, "Assume 360 degree control of your players in the upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 heading to the sports gaming world in Fall 2010. Find out what it means to experience a soccer game that lets you edit your own home field with the newly announced Stadium Edit mode coming to the game. The re-tooled Become a Legend mode is set to get gamers geared for the title that pushes the boundaries between sports gaming and sports simulation with totally new animations and game-play features like the remixed power gauge as well as the ability to remap key moves on the game-pad to your liking. Enjoy the trailer focusing on showing the nature of passing the ball in Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 which is said to give more freedom than ever with a soccer sim type of look and feel."

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Hitman07692900d ago

It seems to me that sports games are pushing the bar so high that soon we will just start calling them straight up simulators.

Games4M - Rob2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Im not sure if thats such a good thing. I know some people love all the stats and shit you get in sports games these days but i find it a bit of a chore. Same with UFC 2010, i dont really care about which bit of training i do in the weeks leading up to a fight to tweak stats, i just want to play.

Maybe im just a bit old school and preferred the simpler sports games of yesteryear.

spunnups2899d ago

im with you rob, all that extra stuff is tedious for me. some people love spending time and setting up leagues and stuff, but i just want to get right to it.

foss32899d ago

I'm in the hardcore camp where its all about the master league and stats/trading/development. even getting into become a legend.

(played every pes/we/iss. currently pes2010 psp. I dislike the ps3 version but have it)