Do Console Wars Really Matter And Why Do Fans Fight Over Them?

An editor ask how did this so-called console war came about, if there is a declared "winner" or "loser", will anyone really care, and if this made up conflict even mean anything? Here are a few tidbits from the article.

"We are the soldiers, the raw stuff of the world that can be swayed to support one company or another. We enter into the war with our own bias.

"Fanboys and fanatics are wild cards, the insurgents of the war. Empowered with the belief in their console they pointlessly attack, lambaste and degrade those they sense are not with them."

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MK_Red3913d ago

Nice article, awesome picture. War isn't a good thing but Console Wars have brought us many good things including fast price-drops.


*Competition* between Sony & M$ is very healthy, lowering prices & pushing software for consumers. Consumer buying patterns drive this.

*Console Wars* are for weak minded fantards who believe anything their respective *God* shoves down their throat. What fangirls cry about on gaming forums, pro or con, means very little to M$ & Sony. All they want is your wallet.

*Gamers* are ppl who love & play games regardless of brand or format.

Rythrine3913d ago

Competition is a good thing because it brings out the best between the 3 companies. The problem is some people don't know when to draw the line to determine for themselves that they are taking this console war so seriously like their lives depended on it. Its completely alright to support your prefered console of choice just don't lose track that they are just that. There are bigger things in life that matters more and worth arguing about.

Omega Kaze3913d ago

If we didnt have the kind of fanbase that videogames do then we wouldnt be where we are today. Console wars are needed for the industry to survive and grow. Fanboys drive this war, they become angry over useless topics and comparrisons and bicker at each other to come to no conclusion. But as a gamer the only thing you get is better games and lower prices. So to me there should be only one obvious choice for people but alass we will always have our fanboys and each side. Well on the brightside they are kinda of amusing every once and awhile.

boi3913d ago

yes console wars matters because without them you won't get devs which are pushing their products

RadientFlux3913d ago

True Gamers are people that will play games that interest them no matter which system they are on.

RyuCloudStrife3913d ago

they hardly mattered until they started looking at the sales and who had sold more consoles sold then the fans(Boy or Girl) defend their console and like everyone wants to have the best out there then thats were the flaming wars come from.

Also when someone trashes your favorite console :(

boi3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

ok to us gamers yea it dont seem to matte rbut look at it this way without the fanboys I don't think the whole Playstation brand/MS brand/Nintendo brand will be here it would just be 1 brand which then comes to devs and games which will not have the whole GTA series,MGS, ,Halo series ect

and no consoles will be better then each other ect

everything has its opponents to make it much better

and man my hayfever is killing me here lol

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