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Singularity Error: Functionality Not Found!

"In this day and age where numerous ideas are recycled in sequel after sequel, we try to cut a new IP a bit of slack when it attempts to borrow from established franchises. We like what works, right? It’s not always bad to use an idea from another game, if that idea can be established well. Singularity is quite a borrower. However, this isn’t about borrowing from another game. That’s fine, but when a game leaves out some of the most basic features that, I feel, should be standard in this generation, it leaves a sour taste..." (Activision, PS3, Raven Software, Singularity, Xbox 360)

pixelsword  +   1756d ago
The only problem with sarcasticgamer.com is I can never tell when he's serious.

tda-danny  +   1756d ago
So the only complaints the author could come up with are the lack of a save file (game uses auto-saving) and no subtitles for the various audio recording.

Pretty much the definition of nit-picking

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