IGN: Deathspank Review

Every RPG has a hero. He or she can be brave, moody and ridiculously good looking, but for the most part, the hero is always willing to do the bidding of others. DeathSpank is a satirical action RPG from the creator of Monkey Island that packs epic loot drops and a naive, well-meaning protagonist, who shares the game's title as a name. Still, our DeathSpank turns out to be more of an errand boy than a hero. His goal of finding a mysterious object dubbed "The Artifact" requires him to help others out along the way. On your journey, you perform stereotypical RPG tasks such as killing a lot of nasty monsters, getting better equipment and leveling up.

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Chuk52898d ago

8.5 seems to be the consensus. Good to hear!

Double Toasted2898d ago

I don't need ign or anyone else to make my purchase decisions lol.

coolasj2898d ago

There was an article about review scores and there influence of buying games. I read most of the reviews and pick out for myself if its worth it or not.

Chuk52898d ago

It's arrogant to think reviews don't matter at all. If you're gonna spend your money, you want to get a general idea of what works and what doesn't. Reviews or word of mouth are essential to your pre-conceded notions. They aren't always good, but are almost always informative.

Spenok2898d ago

As Chuk5 said they give you a general idea for how people felt about a game. Just because someone liked a games doesnt mean i will. And vice versa. I have found myself now and again enjoying games that were tore apart by reviews. And hating games that people universally praise. Its all opinions in the first place.

Oh, and if you dont need Ign or anyone else to make you purchase decisions for you, why did you click on an Ign review?

PSfan092898d ago

cool, might check this out

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