Final Fantasy XIV gets new beta shots

Scrawl: "The PC beta for Final Fantasy XIV has begun only just recently and the first screenshots of the closed test are already coming out. A good half of today’s shots are of the character customization and the other of various other parts of the game – field, etc."

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KingNintendoFanboy2904d ago

I can't believe a numbered FF game is going to be online again.

greeneggsnsam2904d ago

I wonder if they'll have a boss again that takes 13 hours to beat!

SeanRL2904d ago

That would be awesome!

Biggest2904d ago

They probably won't. They changed that particular mob and ensured that no other mobs reached that level of crazy. There is a 2 hour time limit on those fights now. And the mobs were scaled back to make it possible to defeat in that time.

Darkfiber2904d ago

Mmhmm, can't wait for TERA. Might play this while I'm waiting for it though.

Chris3992904d ago

Not sure which one I'll enjoy more though. Tera, while looking incredibly promising, could turn out to be another Aion.

If all else fails, there's Guild Wars 2. I already know that will be the game that I play for years.

Pennywise2904d ago

Have they announced GW2 release date? After Aion, I am weary... but I will give it a shot, especially if it stay f2p. My PC needs some games to play... waste of good hardware.

Baka-akaB2904d ago

i have no confidence in tera ... i smell a aion 2 .. or rather lineage 4 .

I'll just await for ffxiv , gw2 and kotor , and pick among them

Chris3992903d ago

And they're sticking with the REAL free to play model (not this micro-transaction bs (well, there could be some of that in there, but the actual content is all included).

You should check out the official website if you haven't been there yet:

Panthers2904d ago

Im looking forward to Star War TOR more than any of those

GrilledCheeseBook2904d ago

Tera is looking incredibly sweet

JAMurida2904d ago


I don't understand... If you don't like FFXIV but you like TERA, why would you look at anything related to FFXIV??? I guess you must be bored?

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cobraagent2904d ago

By the way guys if you have registered to the square enix site you had better check your emails. I got my beta invite!!! :)

Marceles2904d ago

lucky :( I've been scared to re-submit for the beta because if you try more than once it voids your chance of getting in

blasian2904d ago

aw shit... i might be voided..

FFXI1012904d ago

I checked earlier, I got invited too :)

Marceles2904d ago

omg I can't wait, these shots look incredible

Acquiescence2904d ago

Yah, couldn't give a toss.

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