Do you wanna Kinect?

Game Reactor writes: "Is nothing better than something? Microsoft seems to think so, but we're not as sure about the prospects of Kinect. We have tried Kinect and share our thoughts...

Project Natal was criticised for being a lot of smoke and mirrors, and at E3 2010 it was up to Microsoft to prove the disbelievers wrong. They made a terrible job at it at first, but Kinect was as awful as the Natal Experience and Cirque du Soleil had me thinking."

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Yi-Long2900d ago

... can't say I'm interested AT ALL. Especially not at the price rumoured (100-150 bucks), and especially not with the games showcased.

However, I do have to say that it has the potential to appeal to a whole new demographic with the fitness-games and Dance Central. I absolutely know for sure my girlfriend, her sister, and her nieces will LOVE Dance Central.

But personally: nope. It does absolutely nothing for me.

Anon19742900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

"It frequently picked up people standing next to the walls in the booth and even though it picked up stuff it shouldn't it still lost track of me when I a feet or so too close to the camera while bowling. There was also the issue of lag, and at times it did a really poor job of mimicking my movements."

Another hands on report that found Kinect isn't the revolution Microsoft promised. I think Kinect is a victim of the hype Microsoft built up. If they had said, "Hey! Kinect's a family oriented, party game camera that little kids will probably get a kick out of," there would have been no issue. We would have known from the start "Ok, this isn't for core gamers but instead for casuals," and then we could have gone on with our lives.

Instead Microsoft started acting like Kinect was something we had never seen before, some sort of incredible innovation that would change the way we game. That's the issue. If they had been straight with what Kinect was and what it was meant to do we wouldn't have had the backlash we saw from E3. Media would have said "Hey, it can be laggy and has issues but it's for kids. Kids will love it. And the games are kinda like the Wii. Sure to be a hit with families."

By hyping it up like they did instead of being straight with the public from the start they invited the widespread criticism that Kinect now receives. They have no one to blame but themselves. Had they said "Kinect is for kids and we've got some demos later. Now let's focus on Halo Reach, Gears 3, Fable 3!" they would have made it through E3 relatively unscathed.

ClownBelt2899d ago

Apparently, T9X69 wants to "Kinect" with Kate.

DJMarty2899d ago

Once the brainwashed try kinect, they will see it for what it is, over priced crap.

It will end up been a expensive way to navigate the dashboard, games will be limited and suck.

Smootherkuzz2898d ago

Looking forward to all it brings now and in the future. Go Kinect !!!