The Wheelman Caught in Traffic

Midway said Thursday it has delayed the release of The Wheelman, a movie-based game starring shiny-headed action hero/gamer Vin Diesel. Originally scheduled for fourth quarter this year (Midway's Q4 ends December 31), The Wheelman has been moved to the "first half" of 2008.

Chicago-based Midway delayed the game "to give our development team more time to turn this ultimate car chase game into what we expect will be a broad-impact, top-notch title," according to CEO David Zucker.

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SuperSaiyan43914d ago

I swear Midway should just pack up and leave.

HeartlesskizZ3914d ago

for onces I hear something about this game, is not good news but atleast I know the game in dev. I hope it meets its trailer.

BrainDrain3914d ago

So in other words, "Our game sucks ass and we need more time to try and make it better."

assasshin3914d ago

i like the idea of this game but i don't like the fact that midway is making it.