World Rally Championship Geared For October Release

DualShockers writes, "Black Bean Games announced October 8th, 2010 as the release date for World Rally Championship, which is being developed by Milestone. World Rally Championship will be made available for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. An exclusive package that represents all of the official licensed cars, drivers and co-drivers from the current season of WRC and from all support classes (P-WRC, S-WRC, and J-WRC) will also be included."

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Hitman07692897d ago

This title looks exciting to say the least. I have my doubts it will go up against MotorStorm though.

blu3print2897d ago

WRC & Motorstorm are two totally different games

rdgneoz32897d ago

The doubts should be about it going against GT5, not Motorstorm. Seeing as GT5 should have WRC cars in it, along with hundreds of other cars...

raztad2897d ago

Nothing can stand against GT5. I smell a flop on PS3, too close to Nov/2. Too bad for this game.

foss32896d ago

I really enjoyed wrc on the ps2. along with Richard burns rally it was the most complete realistic rally sim and was awesome. Hope they don't water it down.

I love and will buy gt5 day one, but I'm skeptical that the rally mode will be complete. usually they throw in some races where you go laps. no stages. also the physics/gameplay on dirt in gt has been poor in comparison to its track mode (or wrc or rbr) IMHO