“Helghast have some humanity left in them” in Killzone 3, says Guerrilla

VG247 writes: Guerrilla Games boss Herman Hulst has told Gamepro that Killzone 3’s Helghast are more then just orange-eyed evil fuck-heads. They still have a human side left in them.

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sinncross2901d ago

I would hope so: would definitely add to the narrative to make the player question whether killing them off merciless is deserved.

Either way, KZ2 was awesome: I expect KZ3 to be as well:)

zootang2900d ago

I wanna see Sev swap sides!

zootang2900d ago

@Mr Tretton

Would that be a problem??

yog-sothot2900d ago

I think I've heard there would be several factions within the Hellgasts, so this might happen, who knows... Maybe a part of the Hellgast and ISA will join against... mmmh let's say the UCA, that would be a crazy mess ^_^

zootang2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Those days are behind us lets move on.

Hideo_Kojima2900d ago

but the thing is does the ISA have any humanity???

They are the dicks in Killzone.

PoSTedUP2900d ago

i wanna see ISA defeated at the end of KillZone 3 and have in KillZone4 the ISA having to escape imprisonment and rebuild THEIR army and nation just like the helgast had to do.
im actually sick of me "winning" in EVERY single game i play lol.

change it up guerrilla! change the ever so boring pattern of video games in general!

cjflora2900d ago

No no no, we wouldn't want them to change anything up. If they did, then a bunch of whiners would complain until it was more like the "other FPS" games they play. Don't be ridiculous postedup.

D4RkNIKON2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

First off, there's nothing wrong with being gay. Also I thought Tretton's comment was funny, it was simply a play on words since he said swap sides. I laughed

AntoineDcoolette2900d ago

But the Helghast execute their own because of uniform violations. That's so inhumane.

karl2900d ago

that was radec.. he was a sick bastard.. but that doesnt make every helgast the same...

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Bobbykotickrulesz2900d ago

What if the ISA has been the bad guys the entire time? And in Killzone 3 Sev discovers that and switches sides.

That'd be a badass plot twist if you ask me :D

cjflora2900d ago

If you know the original story, they "kind of" are the bad guys since they oppressed the Helghast in the first place. I found the teaser trailer interesting when the ISA soldier puts the helmet on after beating that dude down. Not sure what that meant.

GraySnake2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Edit: double post....srry

badz1492900d ago

they fought Helghan's invasion of the foreign planet in the 1st, right? although in KZ2 they did look like the bad one because they are the one invading Helghast, but they have the first KZ as the reason to do so and they were supposed to;

**********SPOILER ALERT***************
* capture Visari alive, not kill him *
***************************** *********

but Sev wearing the helmets at the end of the trailer may be some kind of a sneaking mission or something or maybe just to survive living in Helghast, you know, because the air is contaminated and everything. at least that's what I think

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fossilfern2900d ago

Suppose in a way the Helgan are in the right doing what they do so technicaly the ISA are the evil ones ? but then again the Helghast attacked Vekta so that would make the Helghast evil ? Either way KILLZONE IS AMAZING!

Darkstorn2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I always thought of the Helghast as essentially the good guys, defending their home from the imperialist ISA. The fact that we play as the ISA in campaign mode was brilliant, as it made us really question why we were perpetrating genocide on a group of people (even if the story itself was a little weak).

Guerilla is a Dutch developer; perhaps they are indirectly criticizing American foreign policy by implementing this juxtaposition of each side's motives for war. Or maybe they didn't think the narrative through that much. Either way, I'm excited for Killzone 3.

Marquis_de_Sade2900d ago

the Helghast attacked the ISA planet Vekta in KZ1, the ISA launched a counter attack on Helghan in KZ2. The Helghast are hardly an innocent party.

PirateThom2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

But the Helghast were forced to move to Helghan by the Vektans, who treated them as second class citizens, and the Helghast only attacked Vekta to, essentially, protect their borders.

It's an amazing story, poorly told in KZ2, and not as clear cut as "bad/good. Shoot kill shoot".

VenGencE9992900d ago

though the Helghast do have blood on their hands, Vekta was their planet FIRST, and in KZ1 they were trying to take it back. Trying to take back a former colony that was stolen from you is not the same as trying to conquer another foreign country unprovoked.

Hideo_Kojima2900d ago

Helghasts owned both the planets the ISA stole Vektan...

Read the full story its awesome...

sikbeta2900d ago

Both are bad guys, Helghast are like a Fascist society built for fighting with only war in mind, while the ISA is kind of the America of G.W.Bush, there is no 1 "good side"

ico922900d ago

The helghast's hatred is no diffrent from that of the Germans after the defeat of WW1 and the Treaty of Versailles.

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pixelsword2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Actually, if you delve into the mythos of the Killzone universe, Helgan didn't exist as a inhabited planet. The Helgans were the first Vektans. Helgan was a resource planet, and Vekta was a "breadbasket" if memory serves. Vekta was first attacked because they refused to "fall in line" and accept levies against Vekta. Previously, Vekta bought their sovereignty outright from Earth at at time when Earth was in a worldwide depression (if I remember correctly). Soon after, Vekta cleverly imposed taxes and charges to travelers because the Helgan space station was the hub from Earth to the rest of the galaxy's inhabited planets; by doing so, Vekta became the richest planet in the known galaxy. After Helgan was defeated in war by the UCA, they tried to stir up a rebellion on Vekta, but were again crushed by the Alpha Centauri branch of the ISA, which were put in charge of Vekta. While some Vektans wanted to just live in peace, the rest wanted to leave and did so... for Helgan.

Add a radiation that causes pasty-white skin and your hair to fall out, and about one hundred years to stew in your own fail, and you get a motivated and pissed-off group you see shooting back at you today.

inception1232900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

when people can have a disscussion and both sides present really good evidence as to why they are right you know you created something really good. the helghast are among the best enemies ever created in a game because they can be either victims or blood thirsty space nazis depending on who you talk to.

TheBand1t2900d ago

The entire point is that it's morally grey. There's no good side to this war.

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DA_SHREDDER2900d ago

I cant wait to play this game now that I heard they fixed the controls. Now hopefully they fix and revamp the online so I can concentrate on all the good things about this next installment of the franchise.

Gawdl3y2900d ago

The online system was great. You didn't have to wait to play another game mode, you didn't have to get pissed off at bullshit matchmaking systems, you could fully customise the game however you wanted by hosting your own matches... If anything, it's the best system on consoles I've seen other than Warhawk's and UT3's.

And I hope they don't change too much of the gameplay mechanics to make it more noob-friendly. I loved how it actually took aiming skills and skill/strategy to win in the multiplayer, unlike in COD.

Mr Tretton2900d ago

Helghast are fun to kill.

If they presented the story better than maybe I'd feel the situation differently, but I don't. Helghast are bad, I'm good. I go pew-pew at bad guys.

I do prefer playing as the Helghast online though

Odin7772900d ago

Well it sounds like the story is going to turn out better than Killzone 2. I always did think the Killzone franchise had potential to tell a pretty compelling story. Hopefully they work on the dialogue too, that was my main problem with the last game.

pixelsword2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

The first two had excellent stories; almost a Mix of Star Wars and Platoon.

Odin7772900d ago

I've never played the first one but the setting and atmosphere in Killzone 2 was amazing. But the dialogue was just poorly done I thought.

pixelsword2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

It was poorly done in K2; Killzone 2 was the weakest in the bunch thus far in terms of storyline. Killzone 1 was a classic. Liberation for the PSP is probably one of the best PSP titles out.

Here's a link to see Killzone 1, if you have a couple of hours per day for a few days:

*he has a playlist of the whole thing, I think. Killzone's characters jelled really well together. They jacked it up in K2 by changing Rico into a guy with attitude into a dude with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, which made him a little quick on the draw and apt to maul his own soldiers, which wasn't him in the first two games at all.

I'm sure Liberation is on youtube as well.

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