Blacksite: Area 51 Moved To November Release

In its Q2 earnings call, Midway executives announced that its first person shooter Blacksite: Area 51 has been moved to launch in North America on November 5th, with European release slated for October 26th.

Previous press releases have called the title a Summer 2007 release, while retail release dates currently have the title as slated for the first week of September.

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RelloC3948d ago

the demo on live for this game is short but sweet, ending really makes you want to see more. recommend to any that havent tried it yet.

TnS3948d ago

They promised a new demo a month ago:
"You will see a PS3 demo. The first demo was like a teaser. Some people expect a whole level but all we intended to do was give you a teaser; give you a little taste of what the game was like. But the next release we have will be a full-blown demo with multiplayer and everything, and it will be on 360 and PS3."

Odion3948d ago

Its about time they woke, up they were talking about releasing the game the same week as Halo 3, who the hell does that

BrainDrain3947d ago

August or early September would have been the best time to release. Anything after September 25 and you get released during Halo3, GTAIV, and Mass Effect (the big three).

InSpectre3947d ago

Smack dab between Call of Duty 4 and Timeshift the week before, then Crysis the week after. LOL an awesome holiday battle.

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The story is too old to be commented.