Medal Of Honor Limited Edition Not PS3 Exclusive?

TGH Writes:
"When I woke up of this morning to check my e-mail. I found the gamestop weekly e-mail. So I took a look at it and when I show Medal of Honor Limited Edition, I didn’t think much of it till… I saw it on the Xbox 360 and PC box. I was thinking to my self and said “was the Limited Edition only for Ps3?”"

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0oAngeluso02903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I would prefer it didn't come out to the 360 at all. I downloaded the beta and it's just plain out bad. No Prone, the graphics look sub HD to me and just bland. Just a mess. Though it's just my opinion, I tend to doubt this game does much. Even with MW2 being a mess it looks like Black Ops is going to be huge. Why don't people take note to the style and controls of the COD games? I mean if Battlefield Bad Company and Medal Of Honor put in COD style controls, prone, smaller maps, no vehicles they would sell so much better.

Trroy2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Wait... Do MoH rivals CoD and BF:BC have prone? About the only modern shooters I can even think of with a prone mode are SOCOM and MAG.

HeroXIV2903d ago

BFBC is by Dice so it's hardly a rival to MoH and CoD does have prone.

zootang2903d ago

I'd buy this game just for MOH Frontlines HD with trophies

Spenok2903d ago

CoD does have prone dude.

Odion2903d ago

What would be the point of making other games if they just copied COD?

Also BF:BC2 blows COD MW2 out of the water and has sold something like 4 million copies already.

Its vechiles and maps are what make BF such an amazing franchise, that and the destruction

2903d ago
Double Toasted2903d ago

The graphics are bad because they're using the Dice engine instead of the UE3 engine thats used for the campaign.

YoungKiller252903d ago

i was wondering if they werent using the UE3 for multiplayer because the Single player graphics looked awesome

il-mouzer2902d ago

two different engines for the same game?

I smell trouble

BeaArthur2903d ago

It's BF on a CoD map. I never thought I would say this but CoD does it better. The beta is very meh.

velocitygamer2903d ago

Stfu and keep whining you CoD fanboy. Medal of Honor requires you to have skill to play, whereas in CoD, all you have is Bobby Kotick's ass on the screen making the grenade launcher sound.

gtamike2903d ago

beta is a beta (testing)

Spenok2903d ago

Dude, its a freakin beta. Meaning "work in progress" a lot of things will change for the final version.

Eddie201012903d ago

The PS3 version is the only one getting Metal Of Honor: Frontline with the game.

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Hercules2903d ago

For those who are saying if it was exclusive or not. This edition was announced at the Sony Press Conference at E3. The guy from EA stated that this, along with Dead Space 2, will receive exclusive content, only to the PS3. Now when you check the gamestop site, there is no mention of the Frontline game what so ever. So yeah...

Canucks232903d ago

If you watch the trailer for the limited edition, it shows that this is coming to all platforms, but on the ps3's box art it shows that it comes with frontlines exclusively. So basically the ps3 gets frontlines and the guns while pc and 360 just get the guns.

Minimox162903d ago

there is the image from the web site and you can see that the Xbox don't had the tag of the frontline in the upper right

DeathsAmbition2903d ago

If the ps3 has a limited edition. The 360 and pc should just get a special edition or something. So people don't get confused.

HaVoK3082903d ago

How are people going to be confused? Come on now.

2903d ago
Spenok2903d ago

There are a lot of people that would get confused. Unfortunatly there are a lot of stupid people in the world. I mean come on, dont you remember those articles about 3D and Move confusing gamers?

Trroy2903d ago

Wasn't the "extra" in the PS3 limited edition an upconverted HD Medal of Honor from the PS2? I don't think the 360 is getting PS2 emulation anytime soon... although I suppose its possible that they might have rebuilt the game from scratch on the 360, and just included a 2nd disc with for the limited edition.

HaVoK3082903d ago

Meh...there will be DLC with the same items anyway. Now if you choose to pay cash you can skip the leveling up process. You dont have to earn anything if you willing to pay for it. BFBC2 has already done it. You can purchase maxed out kits. Im not a fan of this trend.

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