New StarCraft II Portraits and Spoilers

A big bunch of new portraits have been added to StarCraft II by Blizzard, which are shown by StarCraft: IncGamers, together with what potential spoilers these could bring to the Single Player game.

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Porco2710d ago


Oh, hehe ok.

Well, I have no problesm with spoilers. Hehe.

Djorgo2710d ago

Yeah, well keep it to yourself. I'm ok as well, but some get whiny :)

Perjoss2710d ago

SC2 is going to be HUGE, no wait, what's bigger than huge?

Chazmers2710d ago

not long now till we can all get to play it!

Djorgo2710d ago

27nd July still feels so far away!

Porco2710d ago

I thought it was in august?

Cogo2710d ago

@Porco, no, it's def 27nd July :)

Medievaldragon2710d ago

I didn't realize there were already protoss/zerg and human/zerg hybrid portraits leaked. O_o

Djorgo2710d ago

I'm unsure if they are leaked or not.

UIOP2710d ago

Leaked or not, they are awesome! ;)

lothaer2710d ago

hmm im tempted to go find a copy of SC and play that just to get back ground story.

Cogo2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Here's an express walkthrough:

Part 1: http://starcraft.incgamers....
Part 2: http://starcraft.incgamers....

UIOP2710d ago

Yeah, those links are really good.
I just wish there were more of them, with more of the story, as I don't have the time to play though SC1.. :/

Godmars2902710d ago

I know I suck at this game, have no plans on buying it, yet I can't get enough news about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.