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The most disappointing games in 2010

Cynamite has listed the most disappointing titles released in 2010 so far. These ten games include titles like Alan Wake, Lost Planet 2 and All Points Bulletin. You can also add your personal disappointing to the collection by commenting on the text. (Alan Wake, All Points Bulletin, Dark Void, Dead to Rights: Retribution, Lost Planet 2, PC, PS3, Pure Football, Silent Hunter 5, Singularity, The Saboteur, Xbox 360)

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rzafan1  +   1878d ago
These games are just fuck-ups. I'd call it craplist!
gtamike  +   1878d ago
The Saboteur is ok
ian72  +   1878d ago
I have the Saboteur and its quite good really. MAG is a good game if you like online shooters with teamwork. Dark Void is ok, nothing special. Haven't got the others so can't comment on those.
Xeoset  +   1877d ago
The f*** is up with these kinds of things?

Lost Planet 2, All Points Bulletin, Alan Wake, The Saboteur and Singularity are all great games.


Grow the hell up.
AngryTypingGuy  +   1877d ago
I wish that these Top 10 list stories would stop being approved. They're a complete waste of time.
Independent_Charles  +   1877d ago

to be fair, there only a waste of time when people waste there time on them.
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gamerzBEreal17  +   1878d ago
mag was good to and heavy rain was a great game but i was dissapointed by the hype about all the differnt endings when they all had the same outcome i would put that on here to god of war3 kinda felt the same to and i have to say after playing part 1 and 2 over again i was so sick of part3 and it was lacking the new feel that god of war2 had and the bad ass feel that part1 had not saying it was a bad game it was a great game 9 on my list but i was exspecting it to be a perfect 10 ? would have been way bigger if launched in 2008 are 2006 but by 2010 we was used to huge set pieces big boss battles and hack in slash gameplay? just imo but 2 be fair i would put crackdown2 on here also
tinybigman  +   1877d ago
my biggest disappointment of this year is
bayonetta the combat alone could not make me stomach this game. horrible story, voice acting, and the most annoying thing i've ever heard is the god horrible game music.
ARBitrator  +   1877d ago
Does he mean in sales
I am currently on episode 4 of Alan Wake and I am loving it. I have play plenty of other games in 2010 that I liked less than Alan Wake. I don't this game is a disapointment at all. Seriously if you own a 360 and haven't played it yet, give it a rent and see if you like it I think you will.
Independent_Charles  +   1877d ago
alan wake is brilliant but i dont understand the ending,but i wont spoil it for you.
AAACE5  +   1877d ago
Some of those games just came out at the wrong time. I wanted Alan Wake, but chose RDR instead. Had Alan Wake come out a few weeks before it, I would have got it.
hennessey86  +   1877d ago
get it soon as
its an amazing game. well worth buying, its got the best lighting ive ever seen and its easily the best graphics on the xbox
avengers1978  +   1877d ago
I was actually disappointed with MAG, but relieze that it's more me than the game... It really just didn't fit my style. I did not care for Final Fantsy.
muDD  +   1877d ago
Alan Wake IS NOT a disappointing game!
For the people who actually played it, this is one of the best games of the year... Graphix, environments, and story, made this game a must buy... but for some reason, M$ did not do a good job in advertising this game, and so the only disappointing thing about Alan Wake is its sales... The author needs to clarify what is meant by "disapointing." The saboteur is not a disapointing game either.
Shmai_the_Cat  +   1878d ago
To be honest: My greatest disappointments were Bioshock 2 and God of War 3. Of course, they are brillant games, but the lack of innovation simply makes me yawn.
Double Toasted  +   1878d ago
I know what you mean.
Focker-420  +   1878d ago
God of War 3, a lack of innovation?! Are you insane?!! In what games do you climb 2 1000 ft tall titans. One where you fight one of most innovative and unique depictions of Poseidon. The other that you actually have to fight where you eventually rip his guts completely open.

Or when you pound a guys face in until its nothing but mush. Rip a guys head completely off just so you can use it as a flashlight. Or sleep with a guys wife and then kill him a few minutes later.

I guess none of that is innovative. :rolls eyes:

edit: And those are just a few events that occur amongst dozens of the most violent and brutal killing sequences ever seen in a video game.
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Darkfiber   1877d ago | Personal attack | show
Focker-420   1877d ago | Personal attack | show
Dead_Cell  +   1877d ago
It's not very innovative.
Hands down the best Hack-And-Slash going but it isn't innovative.
Tito08  +   1877d ago
There are games that doesn't need to have any innovation or little things, I want the game to be great, with good AI and challenging, I don't care for little things, like those idiots who think they are game industry critics.... For me, God of War doesn't need to be innovative, it needs to be more and more challenging, that's what I care about mostly!!!!!!
Bloodraid  +   1877d ago
Dude, your comment is absolutely retarded.

"In what games do you climb 2 1000 ft tall titans." - Shadow of the Colossus has you climbing giant Colossi.

"One where you fight one of most innovative and unique depictions of Poseidon." - I could say the same about any game that has a creature unique to that game.
1. Killzone - Helghast
2. Resistance - Angels
3. Resident Evil - Tyrants
4. Siren - Shibito
5. Gears of War - Brumak

"The other that you actually have to fight where you eventually rip his guts completely open." & "And those are just a few events that occur amongst dozens of the most violent and brutal killing sequences ever seen in a video game." - Yeah, gore is definitely an innovative thing my man. It's never occurred on another game ever. Except maybe 90% of them. You'd have a harder time finding a game without gore than one with gore.

"Or when you pound a guys face in until its nothing but mush. Rip a guys head completely off just so you can use it as a flashlight. Or sleep with a guys wife and then kill him a few minutes later." - Need I bring up manhunt? Silent Hill? Resident Evil? Fatal Frame? The Suffering? No? Didn't think so.

"I guess none of that is innovative. :rolls eyes:" - Lose the sarcasm and you'd be right.

Look, I'm not trying to knock God of War 3, it's a good game. However you saying that everything the game does is innovative is absolute bullshit and you know it. Stop talking out of your ass and just accept the fact that the game doesn't open up a new genre or bring new mechanics into the world of gaming.
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J-Smith  +   1878d ago
what? god of war 3 was brilliant
Halochampian  +   1877d ago
he said it was brilliant...
ico92  +   1877d ago
it should be called "The most disappointing games in 2010..so FAR."
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VideoGameJimmy  +   1877d ago
As the third game in a trilogy, why would God of War 3 open up a new genre? It's a set franchise and, by the way, what genre could it be hmmm?

"Or when you pound a guys face in until its nothing but mush. Rip a guys head completely off just so you can use it as a flashlight. Or sleep with a guys wife and then kill him a few minutes later." - Need I bring up manhunt? Silent Hill? Resident Evil? Fatal Frame? The Suffering? No? Didn't think so. - None of those games, except for Manhunt and The Suffering, you beat anyone's head into "mush". None of those games can you sleep with some guys wife and then kill him minutes later. Neither do those games use heads as flashlights.
DelbertGrady  +   1878d ago
The only thing disappointing about Alan Wake was its undeservingly low sales. Probably the best horror game this gen, alongside Dead Space.
seij555  +   1878d ago
Lol Wake is not a horror game. The best TRUE horror game this gen has been Siren.
Bloodraid  +   1877d ago
Isn't Siren like the ONLY true horror game this gen..?

Condemned & F.E.A.R really aren't horror games in my opinion. I mean, they're scary, but they don't really have all the elements of real horror games.

- Fear you get an endless supply of ammo it seems.
- Condemned is a bit closer to a horror game, but there's still something missing from it.
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Inside_out   1878d ago | Trolling | show
boodybandit  +   1878d ago
"Probably the best horror game this gen"

Aren't you suppose to feel a sense of fear in order to be called a horror game? I played and completed Alan Wake in my dark basement with my surround sound cranked and not one time was I spooked. My son, age 17, just completed his first run through in the same gaming room of our house. Nothing.

I really don't see what the fuss was about with this title. It's a real good game, not great, definitely not amazing and no way in hell is it close to being one of the best horror games this generation. Dead Space, Siren, Condemned and even Doom were a hell of a lot scarier than Alan Wake.

IMHO Alan Wake is one of the most forgettable games I have played this gen. I hated the ending but that is just my opinion.

Shoot the Takenado with some flares and then the story will be told! *YAWN*
That was the most boring ending for what was suppose to be a horror game I have ever played. My N4G member name is my XBL GT. For those that doubt my having played it.

Disagree without a reply = you have no valid argument to debunk what you have read. Just done out of being PO'ed.
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agingerbreadbum  +   1877d ago
it's not bad... but not a horror
it's a thriller (that's how it's advertised and that's how it is) the reason it's great isn't cause it's scary ('cause we all know it isn't... but it'll still spook my gf) it's because of the rich and detailed storyline that i've seen as par to none (except red dead redemption, my god that game's orgasmic, but even then the story itself isn't as detailed and nurtured as alan wake(but i still think red dead's better)) if you're complaining about this game you either don't give a crap about storylines (which is fine, this just isn't your game... at all) or never stopped to wonder about what exactly is the darkness or cared about its creation or wondered how tom wrote that page of alan before he existed and what it means.... in other words you didn't dive into the story enough to allow it to show you the great game it is... worth the purchase, but more like a good movie than a fun video game, like heavy rain.
inception123  +   1878d ago
i agree alan wake was a good game unfortunately it was given to a shallow group of gamers. if it was a sci-fi game then 360 owners would eat it up. also to make things worst they hyped it up to be some amazing game when in reality it was just good and didn't even buy it. so i say the only bad thing about alan wake was the 360 fanbase.

edit: just good means it is worth a rent and then you move on. amazing means you buy it, love it and play it multiple times. alan wake was short, repetitive and had some bad acting at times but stll did some things right. so yes alan is just good not amazing.
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coolbeans  +   1878d ago
I must say, I can't believe something like "just good" is actually spouted. How does that make any sense?
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No Way  +   1877d ago
So, where is the split between good and amazing?
Between renting a game and playing it multiple times?
inception123  +   1877d ago
the difference is easy to tell just look at alan wake and uc2. uc2 has far better writing, graphics and gameplay then alan wake on top of having a massive amount of replay value which alan wake has none. alan wake was seen as the 360's answer to uc2 but didn't deliver on the things that uc2 did which is why it got average to good scores and uc2 is one of the most critically acclaimed games ever made.
ryhanon  +   1877d ago
Yeah, I would disagree with Alan Wake, MAG, and Saboteur.

I really enjoyed Alan Wake, the gameplay was perhaps a little too repetitious, but otherwise I thought it was a fantastic game. I wouldn't call it a disappointment at all.

I think MAG is absolutely fantastic for what it is trying to be. It is an extremely innovative game that is often not given the credit it deserves for all the fantastic teamwork innovations. 256 players online is cool and all, but for me, what really makes the game shine, is playing with and against, truly organized teams that know what they are doing and are actively working toward the same goal. Of course, this relies on the people playing the game to play it "properly" which is sometimes hard to guarantee, but when it works, it works damn well.

And the Saboteur was a perfectly enjoyable open world game that was visually beautiful - the contrast between the black and white nazi controlled areas and the liberated areas that were washed in vibrant colors was a great touch. It was a bit rough around the edges, but one of the things that I really thought was fantastic was how all of the optional side-activities you could engage in actually had a real impact on the world, and they all felt like meaningful things that your character would realistically participate in. On top of that, who doesn't like shooting nazi's?

As for the rest of the games on the list, I either agree or haven't played them so have no opinion.
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   1877d ago
The disappointing things about Alan Wake are
its sub-par resolution, its bland graphics during the daytime, its repetitive un-innovative/non-revolutionar y gameplay, its unsatisfactorily ending, its non-imaginative final boss fight (a tornado?! serious?!) and most of all, it's very very low sales.

I was expecting a Triple A title like Max Payne from Remedy. I was disappointed. Luckily, I don't own a 360, or I would have felt like I wasted my money.
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palaeomerus  +   1877d ago
Since you didn't even play it, who cares what you think about it?
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ryhanon  +   1877d ago
The sales were a big disappointment, I'll give you that. Honestly though, I didn't expect it to do very well on the Xbox given the majority of the Xbox crowd are FPS players. Alan Wake is a niche title on a system with an install base that will have limited interest in the title to begin with, which is a shame. I think it's the kind of title that would have done better sales on the PS3. On top of that, Microsoft did not market the game very well at all, which is just ridiculous of them given all the hype that had been riding on it for years.

The graphics were definitely over-hyped, but I would not call them bad. Regardless, I am not a graphics whore so as long as I can tell what is going on and it looks reasonably nice, I am not going to complain about that.

I think the gameplay was plenty innovative, if repetitive.

I thought the ending was perfectly satisfying (as was the rest of the brilliant story-telling) especially given it has been stated countless times that this is *not* the end of the story. The game was always meant to be consumed in an episodic fashion with many additional episodes yet to come.

I absolutely disagree about the boss fight. Alan Wake is *not* an action game, an over the top, classic style boss fight would have felt ridiculously out of place.

You should really amend your post to say "These are the reasons I felt Alan Wake was a disappointment because I was really expecting something else entirely and also I'm a TotalPS3Fanboy and cannot separate my love for the PS3 from my criticism of perfectly good games on other platforms"
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   1877d ago
"You should really amend your post to say 'These are the reasons I felt Alan Wake was a disappointment because I was really expecting something else entirely and also I'm a TotalPS3Fanboy and cannot separate my love for the PS3 from my criticism of perfectly good games on other platforms'"

These are the reasons I felt Alan Wake was a disappointment. I was expecting a Triple A title like Max Payne from Remedy, and instead, what 360 gamers got was an average game. As a PS3 fanboy, I cannot seperate my love for my PS3. However, as a PS3 fanboy, I do not have any love for the 360, and hence, can have an unbiased neutral critic of Alan Wake, uninfluence by my love for the 360, unlike 360 gamers, who let their love of their 360 influence their view of the game, making it to be better than it really is.

In the end, it is just an average game, and can not compare to the likes of their previous game: Max Payne (on the PC).
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Jazz4108  +   1877d ago
Dude you never played AW to say something like that. |AW blew away uncharteds cartoon by a mile in graphics and the enviroments have so much going on and its clearly the best game this genere has seen in many years. Play the games befor you comment. Just becauses another of your friends that's a ps3 fanboy did damage control does not make it true. Be a gamer and play it as its clearly a brilliant fantatic game.
facelike  +   1878d ago
MAG is on that list. It wasn't critically acclaimed, but my friends who own that game treat it like it's crack. They are constantly paying it, still.
Jazz4108  +   1877d ago
I have not played Mag since I like most games to have a camapaign but AW is my favorite game in a long time and this idiot or anybody that has not played it and commenting on it are fanboyz. Again I left Mag alone since I have not played it and I could easily just bash it since its sonys game but I'm not like that and I wish ngn would grow up it would be so much better to have gamers and not haters.
Ibol  +   1878d ago
APB is the biggest disappointment so far. It just lacks on everything and then they even want money for the crap...
RedPawn  +   1878d ago
I played some Singularity last night for about 2 1/2 hours and had to turn that mess off.


I love Nolan North & Steve Blum's Voice acting, but damn do companies have to use them in everything.
Tee7soo  +   1878d ago
Alan weak was a huge Letdown
its a good game but i really was expecting allot more from Remedy ..
Tee7soo  +   1878d ago
why the f#ck is MAG in the list ????!!!
BeaArthur  +   1878d ago
Relax, it's just some dude opinion. Don't let it get to you, not everyone is going to like MAG.
STK026  +   1878d ago
MAG was a huge letdown
its a good game but i really was expecting more from Zipper .. (aimed at comment #7)

But seriously, neither games (MAG and Alan Wake) should on on that list, as there were a ton of more disappointing titles.
I can't see how great games like Alan wake, MAG and Singularity made it into that list.
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Biggest  +   1877d ago
Is is a great game for me. Half of the people on my friend list couldn't get into it though. They are still playing MW2, which pretty much explains it. I hope more games like MAG surface in the near future. There aren't many games that have a sense of accomplishment to match "leading" your 128-man team to victory with enough time to do a few victory laps.
massapeal79  +   1877d ago
maybe because the game did not have a single player mode and the graphics should ben better but the online was good...
Mcardle  +   1878d ago
Alan wake is one of my favourite games of this generation, So its not a let down for me.
QuantumWake  +   1878d ago
Alan Wake was a really good game. Maybe one thing that I didn't like was the repetitive gameplay...

I think the only reason Alan Wake is showing on these disappointment lists was because of the "long development time". And maybe because of the low sales.
massapeal79  +   1877d ago
that is going happen to gt5 when it come out ... good game but could be better because gt4 has 700+ cars what that tell. all they did is add 150 cars more and better graphics that all if u think about that kinda bad...
BeaArthur  +   1878d ago
What defines a game as disappointing? Most of those games I didn't expect much from in the first place. If anything a game like singularity seems like it over achieved and was better than anyone though it was going to be.
coolbeans  +   1878d ago
It would be nice if they actually explained their disappointment. The only reason I can Alan Wake on this list is because of its low sales but that's it considering the game is quite awesome.
TvojVrah  +   1878d ago
MAG and Alan Wake are great games... in my opinion this year none of the games so far were disappointing... just good games, not every game must be ultra best groundbreaking...
e-p-ayeaH  +   1878d ago
Heavy Rain was also kinda disapointing since Farenheit was still a better experience
ryhanon  +   1877d ago
I think there were a lot of fantastic gameplay and story-based innovations in Heavy Rain, and I *absolutely* appreciate what it has done for gaming, because I feel it has made an extremely worthwhile mark and helped to birth a new type of genre. These are all things it should (and probably will) be remembered for doing. I expect it to be a huge influence and inspiration for many developers in the years to come.

That said, it was probably my biggest disappointment this year, primarily because most of the problems it has (and it has some *major* problems) could have been avoided with minor changes. There are just way too many plot-holes and narrative problems interlaced throughout that are inexcusable for a game where the focus is supposed to be the story. David Cage needs to get somebody to help edit his story for the next game because, while he's got some great ideas, he's just not the best writer.
Biggest  +   1877d ago
His writing may have been the one detractor for me as well. The reveal of the killer was a huge letdown after the boys with the drunk father sequence. I think it would have been much better to change some parts of the game to FP view. That would have solved the early killer reveal. They could have also let you do some FP murders and leave sparse clues as to who is committing them. DAMMIT! I should have made Heavy Rain. . . For myself of course.
N4BmpS  +   1878d ago
Ew Dead to Rights... and MAG? on what basis, IT'S ONLINE ONLY!! Alan Wake too? TF?
Convas  +   1877d ago
The Author is entitled to his opinion. But Alan Wake was/is not a disappointment. As others have said, it's disappointing that it hasn't sold as well as it should of, as it deserved to, but besides that, I can't call it a disappointment in the fullest sense.
TEFL0N_D0N_81  +   1877d ago
Agreed. There's a big difference between a good rental and what the author labels a disappointment. What do I think is the biggest disappointment in recent years? Army of Two : 40th day. I was high most of the time and I still hated it. Now that's a disappointment.
chiwoo  +   1877d ago
Alan Wake was Ok sort of like Survival Triller MAG was a decent game because its an Online Game Dark void which I thoght was a great game is Underated
Wikkid666  +   1877d ago
Thoroughly enjoyed Alan Wake... played it through 3 times.
bigwheelstuntshow   1877d ago | Spam
BannedForNineYears  +   1877d ago
Mag and Alan Wake?

Edit..Just wanted to elaborate what I mean.

I know tons of people who prefer Mag over Modern Warfare 2.
Saying Mag was a disappointment is the equivalent of saying "I haven't played this game but I'm just gonna say it sucks because the graphics aren't like Crysis".
#19 (Edited 1877d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Spenok  +   1877d ago
Lol i totally agree with you, Mag is awesome. Imo just like your friends its way better then CoD.
lelo2play  +   1877d ago
Did a moron write the article? He (or she) has to be for sure.

Alan Wake is one of the best games this year.
#20 (Edited 1877d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Spenok  +   1877d ago
This article should have been titles "My" most disapointing games of 2010.
Darkfiber  +   1877d ago
Alan Wake had disappointing sales but the game itself was good (although way too short for how long the game took to develop).
Hades1337  +   1877d ago
Alan Wake is an excellent game, it just wasn't long enough. Sequel please.

Also, wasn't the Saboteur released last year?
gamer7804  +   1877d ago
Seriously now...
Alan wake is one of the best games of 2010 so far, sales does not a great game make. /Sigh.
MadMan00  +   1877d ago
how is FFXIII not on here?
-MD-  +   1877d ago
If you think Alan Wake was a disappointment you need to get some taste.
bjornbear  +   1877d ago
or not hype up games so much
Alan Wake was above all else a victim of pointless hype.
Smootherkuzz  +   1877d ago
Great Game!!! Alan Wake
what killed it in sense was the long wait and all the other game releases during this time, but if you played it you would see that it is a great game.I rate this game high on the charts not the best because I don't know what the best would be (lol).
ebgeer  +   1877d ago
Hack and Slash games are a bore....
Hence..any of the God of War games...blahh..boring..
VideoGameJimmy  +   1877d ago
Alan Wake
Alan Wake was decent. I mean flashlight as a weapon? really? I didn't like it when it was used in Luigi's Mansion. Story was pretty cool though.

As far as sales, it would have done way better had it been multiplatform or even exclusive to PS3. IMO 360 doesn't have those gamers that play games with a good, emotion-driven plot.
TONYPS3  +   1877d ago
seems to be a few xbox exclusives in that list....is mag really that bad of a game? from what i hear its actually pretty good. has great faction balancing. i have not played it yet but i plan on it. mag received alot of hate just liek socom confrontation did.

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