Medal of Honor Limited Edition Announced

In today’s war, there is a new enemy, new weaponry and a new warrior built to tackle the toughest missions and harshest terrain. He is the Tier 1 Operator, and on October 12, 2010 Medal of Honor players will have a chance to step into the boots of this elite soldier. Today Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) announced a Limited Edition version of Medal of Honor that will grant players exclusive access to the MP7, a unique weapon utilized by Tier 1 Operators in the field. Limited Edition owners will also benefit from day-one access to the TOZ-194 and 870MC2 shotguns, while others must rank up to secure these weapon unlocks. Gamers can pre-order the Limited Edition now at at no additional cost.

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Senden3024d ago

How about they actually have the decency to hold off on announcements like this until they sort the frigging 360 beta out? Hardly great PR when you leave so many fps gamers in the dark over a beta with no updates of any substance then have the audacity to come out and start announcing limited editions.

Drjft3024d ago

QQ. They don't owe you anything, so just wait patiently dude?

Senden3024d ago

dude save your "QQs" for wow where it actually doesn't make you a giant douche.

jjohan353024d ago

It's a beta, not a demo. Demo will come out shortly, so don't get your panties all twisted. Regardless, the beta was lackluster and not worth it anyway.

mrv3213024d ago

I don't thing the PR team have the same people as the development team.

Bloodshedder3024d ago

how did this get approved?

AliTheBrit193024d ago

I'm still waiting on the damn Xbox 360 beta, quite annoying, I have my code ready to go..

Refuse to use it on my PS3 or PC though :P

YoungKiller253024d ago

Right, its going to suck no matter what you play it on the multiplayer right now is not good you people need to get that through your skull

r1sh123024d ago

Im still not buying it..
Its not a call of duty killer, and black ops should be good.
Treyarch actually support their games

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