Microsoft: New Xbox 360 In Development for Two Years -
It's smaller, shinier, and back in black: Microsoft's new Xbox 360 took many by surprise at last month's E3, though some of us had speculated for months that a 'slim' model was in the works.

More than just a component and size shrink, Microsoft added 802.11n wireless (previously a $100 external USB adapter) and packed in its premier 250GB hard drive without adjusting the standard system's $300 price tag.

What were they thinking?

I spoke with Microsoft's Senior Director of Xbox Product Management, Albert Penello, to find out.

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GWAVE2897d ago ShowReplies(2)
MGRogue20172897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

2+ Years late aswell... Better late than never.. I guess though, right? =/

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IRetrouk2897d ago

still waiting to see how reliable they are before buying one.

DelbertGrady2897d ago

Apparently it withstands heat better than the PS3 Slim. Sounds pretty reliable to me.

table2897d ago

It heats up less than the ps3 because it has an external power block. Whether or not it withstands heat better remains to be seen. We have already experienced videos of it overheating remember.

IRetrouk2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

yeah i seen the comparison but they tested older ps3 models, the only reason i havnt preordered is because i own the elite and dont actually need one, i had a big prob with the first model, had to have it replaced 5 times, and i also had to sell my red one due to it having probs reading disks so you can see my hesitation in getting one. but overall i like the new model.

@ dissagre, what cant tell me you know better than me about what i have experianced with the xbox lmao at the fanboys.

user8586212897d ago

im waiting for my elite to RROD to they replace it with 1 :P

0oAngeluso02897d ago

So it's a nice deal. With this prolonged Console cycle the 360 needed a lift and the 360s is really great. It's quiet, runs cool, lots of HDD space and Wireless N is a nice add on. Plus, we get all this stuff for the same price as the older ones. So it's an actual upgrade.
I love mine, and with the arcade version coming out soon, even more people will be able to jump in to gaming with the 360.

Convas2897d ago

Ay-Men. My 360 60GB Pro has been going strong for 28 months, and I'm almost saddened by that (LMAO) because the new Xbox 360 Slim is so damn sexy.

And I'm saving for a PS3. Can't make up my mind which I want more.

0oAngeluso02897d ago

To get a new 360s like weeks ago. I Couldn't be happier to be honest. I already have a PS3 slim as well, which is nice. However I prefer to play the 360 online and I used the PS3 more for media and some quality offline titles, but in all honesty I haven't touched my PS3 since I got my 360s.
I guess I was a lucky one with the Launch 360 that still worked fine, however it didn't have HDMI ports or anything, so I'm loving 360 games in full 1080 now.

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