PlayStation Move vs Microsoft Kinect

Kinect and Move battle it out in our head-to-head analysis

Both have motion control at their cores and yet they're vastly different devices, giving gamers a decision to make come the holiday season. Just the differences in the way they detect your movement mean they offer completely differing experiences.

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By Mike Jackson

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Cloudberry3076d ago

Good article.

Nice written analysis too.

Darkstorn3076d ago

It wasn't as vapid as most articles comparing the two technologies.

I think it boils down to this: Kinect is the more impressive technology, but Move is going to be more versatile when it actually comes down to gaming.

DJMarty3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Nothing impressive about Kinect laggy tech.

MOVE is far mor impressive, Precise, accurate.

Triella3076d ago

Move is definitely more versatile because it can use head/body tracking and voice control combined with a precise motion controler.

brazilianbumpincher3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

move sounds brilliant and may get me into motion controls but i will still wait i love controllers too much,kinect so far minus the hype seems a disaster,theres hope yet for kinect but right now its all hype no substance and the lag is worrying along with the limitations.

i would have preferred microsoft to put the investment into first party exclusives so they are prepared for the next gen, third party exclusives are diminishing

Shang-Long3076d ago

i actually cant wait for these things to hit the stores. id like to try both.

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iamtehpwn3076d ago

Walking forward.

Think about it.

krisprolls3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

double post

krisprolls3076d ago

and everything else actually, precision, core games, price, everything is Move >> Kinect

FreeFalling3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Move and Kinect are aiming for the casual.

Move has some hardcore venues however.

Either way, I'm not buying neither to be honest, I'm gonna stick with my traditional controller that I've been gaming with this entire gen, or life; and rather buy 3-4 used games with the money I'd be saving. :] What I don't like about the two is that they weren't there from the start, the Wii is acceptable because every game has some motion control, but halfway into the lifespan Sony and MS come out with this experiment, to me that isn't worth the money. Not now at least.

But that's just my personal opinion. :]

moparful993075d ago

Surprisingly great read. They did a good job at comparing the two. I figured it was going to be an article where they frothed at the mouth over how kinect offers experiences just not possible on move. Here's my thing, while the implications of kinect is impressive, what has been shown so far is very dissapointing. Also to hear how much trouble the games had at e3 doing basic motion sensing has me even more concerned. I feel that move is the here and now as far as motion sensing. Also sony could easily code a software program that will enable move to detect your body motions if move takes off. Thats where microsoft dropped the ball with kinect, its tooo forward thinking. They have impressive tech with nothing to take advantage of all that tech..

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jneul3076d ago

they was constantly more impressed by move, and was actually let down by kinect.
but they are now going but we already know what to expect from move, kinect is more exciting because it's new(lool at eyetoy never happening where was they??) and we want to see dev's maximising it's potential, erm last time I looked they have had the same amount of time to making good titles as sony(and ms bragged about having more publishers on their side) has, and move has the better library, not to mention it can do something called hardcore games!!

kasasensei3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

About kinect and joyride
"We found that if your fists pass the 90-degree turning angle the game gets confused and sometimes steers in the opposite direction."

About kinect and ballgame
"But it seemed to struggle with detecting our smaller movements – such as the twisting of our wrist to put spin on the ball. We tried repeatedly, starting with subtle twists and then large over-exaggerated flicks. Sometimes the ball span, sometimes it didn't, but we couldn't detect any kind of consistent recognition of our ball-curling intentions."

"This full-body interaction is beyond the capabilities of the remote-only Move, but there's a noticeable delay between your movements and that of your virtual counterpart. Enough of a delay that a sudden last-minute flick of the hand would potentially miss your target."

"This is the most shockingly basic form of gesture recognition at work here – there was no 1-to-1 relation between our movements and that of the runner at all. It felt like we were basically performing pre-defined gestures to activate commands that could just as easily have been assigned to buttons. This is not what we expect from next-generation motion control."

I wonder how Microsoft will correct all that stuff until the release. Can they, really?

Biggest3076d ago

You'd think that people that use the actual products would stop saying things like "is beyond the capabilities of the remote-only Move". ESPECIALLY when on their webpage there is a picture of the PS Eye, which is a part of the Move. But it's good to know it works better than I last saw it. The Fight was had noticeable lag in the videos I saw. These guys say it's remedied and working well.

thebudgetgamer3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

they say ea sports active and child of eden that were shown at the microsoft e3 press conference will also be released on the sony platform as well.

does that mean ps eye can steal kinect games and do killzone 3?

lazysey3076d ago

only if Kinect can't scan my hand into a M16 in Call of Duty, I rather go for the next best thing and point with something thats physically in my hand.

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