Returning to PC gaming: A GamesRadar Editor's Tale of Madness, Pain and Wonder

It’s all Valve’s fault. I blame Valve for all of it.
It was five-thirty. I was just about to leave the office when a friend’s Facebook status reminded me that the Steam sale was on, but was due to end that day. That update was to be the casually-thrown cigarette butt that hit the touchpaper that sent the whole firework factory up.

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AliTheBrit192897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I will never understand PC Gamers

Consoles afterall, are designed and created just for games, and because of which can often produce amazing gems (i.e. Uncharted 2) which where made with that specific console in mind, you can't get that with PC gaming.

Because a PC is just adapted to be a gaming platform.

And I'm well aware of some of the advantages PC gaming has, believe me I am, but I'm also well aware of all the disadvantages.

Face it, PC gaming is now a second class citizen. You guys have to contend with DRM and waiting a stupid amount of time for games Xbox 360 & PS3 already have, and often crappy ports, i.e. GTA IV

So, while you happily boast about being able to mess about with mods, and increasing the resolution on your game while gaming on a 22 inch LCD Monitor

(where as console gamers are more akin to be playing on a 42 inch etc.)

We console gamers will be too busy playing and enjoying the next major blockbuster, because you guys have 6 months to wait until you get it ;)


Note, I'm also not just a die hard console fan, I do have a few PC games, and I have a pretty good rig, also study IT, so I know my way in and out of a computer, but I have just never seen it as a proper format for gaming on.

HeroXIV2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

StarCraft 2 is actually a fortnight or so away.

Anyway, thing I liked most about this article was it's plug of Penumbra. It really is a refreshing gaming experience. It never holds you by the hand and it's by an independent developer. Scary as hell too.

Charmers2897d ago

I will never understand why you guys keep coming up with the same old tired arguments that have been rebutted dozens of times, let's see :-

"Because a PC is just adapted to be a gaming platform" = yeah and consoles use old tech that PC gamers are done with.

"Face it PC gaming is now second class citizen" = erm yeah because the 360 and PS3 never get crappy ports do they ? You mention GTA 4 as a crappy port ....... hm my PC still plays GTA 4 better than the consoles so if the PC version is a "crappy port" just how bad was the originally version then ? Sounds to me like the consoles are the second class citizens here.

"gaming on a 22 inch LCD monitor whilst consoles use 42" TV) = erm yeah how about this I game on my 24" monitor AND my 42" TV you see that is the thing about the PC it's called CHOICE.

"We console gamers too busy with latest blockbuster yadda yadda" = yeah the latest blockbuster that will last you a week and you will end up trading in for half or less of what you paid for. Meanwhile PC blockbusters such as Starcraft 2 will be giving PC gamers entertainment for nigh on a decade. Please show me a single console game that has provided a decade worth of gaming to people.

I have been a gamer for 20 years and I have never seen consoles as a proper format to game on but there you go.

chak_2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I don't need your console exclusives game.

Uncharted : did the first one, sure it's good, but it last 7 hours, and then what?
Halo? killzone? alan wake?

I've had a console, and I sold it quite fast, because it's just so limited in every damn way you feel stuck in the past.

* No mod
* 30 fps 95% of the time
* 720p when you're lucky
* controler
* 70€ price tag
* pay for online (on 360)
* no dematerialised support
* You can't alt tab and do what you want
* Can't surf while gaming
* no backward compatibility?
* So many DLC
* dumbed down games (fable, gears, whatever, they're just pop corn games...)

Yet you pity us?


Let me play my CIV, my total war, my mmo, my batman 1080p 120fps and 3D, my TF2, my dawn of war, my GTA 4 with MOD and 60 fps, my.... I should stop there shouldn't I?

So yeah, we have to wait 10 months for darksiders on PC... but so what?

see you next gen ok?

kraze072897d ago

"I will never understand PC Gamers"

I will never understand fanboys. Is having variety and a choice really that bad?

Darkfiber2897d ago

Wow, obviously you don't know your way around the computer since you've obviously never heard of the remarkable technology that is being able to hook your PC up to a TV.

Even if people do game on a 22 inch screen, the screen is only about a foot from their face, and fills up the same field of view as a 42 inch from 7 feet away on a couch or whatever, if not more.

Also, yes, there are some developers who release PC games later and they are crappy ports, but for every one developer that makes those games, there are 50 developers who make PC exclusive games. PC games have more depth than console games will ever have. So go play your $60 8 hour linear shooters and leave us to our hundreds of hours of gameplay found in MMOs, strategy games and PC RPGs.

Also, you're clearly one of those idiots who thinks Uncharted 2 is the best game that will ever be made who is too blind with rabid fanboyism to see that it's just a generic shooter that there are hundreds of out there. Not sure why I even bothered reading your post.

DeathMetal2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

is by far the best version, runs great for me on an older setup Oh and have fun playing at 1280 x 720 res on your next gen console LOL

Xfanboy2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

We console gamers will be too busy playing and enjoying the next major blockbuster, because you guys have 6 months to wait until you get it

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