Mario Party 8 Leads Cosmopolitan Japanese Chart

Nintendo's Mario Party 8 has come out on top during one of the busiest weeks of sales for several weeks in Japan, with a total of 265,000 units sold. With one of the biggest debuts ever for the series, the game has blocked Sony's Minna no Golf 5 (aka Hot Shots Golf 5/Everybody's Golf 5) on PlayStation 3 from reaching the top spot, with 152,000 unit sales.

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sticky doja3880d ago

Oblivion is doing so well over there. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do/did.

Loudninja3880d ago

Its the same numbers a different source

sticky doja3880d ago

Didn't realize it was already approved. I checked the possible duplicates but didn't find one. Can you send me a link to the article that had this posted before I posted this one? Thanks

djt233880d ago

wow mario party is doing well if it have online OMG just think about it.

PS360WII3880d ago

I just can believe that Mario Party 8 outsold Hot Shots Golf. Not that it's a big deal just didn't expect it.

mccomber3880d ago

Considering the difference in the install base, that's a good showing for Sony's title. I'm not surprised by the house of Mario's continued success, but I am somewhat surprised to see it's not selling in a higher ratio to Wii sales. Good showing for Oblivion as well, anyone know if they are doing a ps3 version over there?

sticky doja3880d ago

But I couldn't provide you a link.

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