Mad Catz CoD: Black Ops Controllers

For once, and take this comment lightly, I've seen Mad Catz 3rd party peripherals that just don't look tacky or pathetic...

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LBD_Nytetrayn2903d ago

Not really sure about these. The controllers look neat, but the buttons... that part, I'm unsure of. The 360 face buttons look a bit small; I wonder how well they work in practice.

And on the Wii version, what's with the 1 and 2 buttons? Does placing them like that help anyone do anything?

Drjft2903d ago

Yeah I thought the Xbox 360 buttons looked smaller, but I don't think it will matter. As for the Wii buttons, yes I think they will help. You wont have to move your thumb down as far, although I can see people having the problem of their hands and stuff hitting the bottom button :/

Blacktric2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Like releasing a new piece of sh*t Call Of Duty every year wasn't enough, we now have to see these worthless controllers with every new Call Of Duty release as well?

Rumor2903d ago

get the cartons ready....its milkin tyme

deadreckoning6662903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

"Like releasing a new piece of sh*t Call Of Duty wasn't enough, we now have to see these worthless controllers with every new Call Of Duty release as well?"

Its optional. If you don't like it...don't buy it.

"Hooray for unnecessary crap!!"

90% of the things in ur life is unnecessary crap(Gaming consoles, mp3 players, television) We buy these things because we like them..not because we need them.

SeanRL2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Milk milk milkity milk

Edit: Haha look at deadreckoning, trying to defend his precious call of duty.

Pumbli2903d ago

Psfan999 - And isn't he allowed to do that?

No matter how much the people on here whine and scream about how bad Black Ops will be, it will still be more popular then 90% of the games you like.

I personally like the CoD franchise and I have high hopes for Black Ops.

Go ahead, disagree all you want. People will buy Black Ops in the millions.

Imo MW2 was overhyped but CoD4 and WaW are masterpieces, deserving of every single copy they sold.

Crazyglues2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

-Bubbles for you, because your related image made me laugh... that just made my day and because what you say is true..

Black ops will sell millions no matter what anyone says, and I'm pretty sure these controllers will sell too -to me it's not as bad as what they did for Modern Warfare 2... The Xbox 360 controller actually looks pretty good, but is that wired???? (FAIL)

-but hey to each his own...

I already got my Black Ops controller coming in the mail july 27th and mine was only $34 bucks- So thanks but No thanks Mad Catz -I'm going with the Raven for PS3 -these guys know how to make a nice PS3 controller.


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greeneggsnsam2903d ago

Yeah, it seems like they're spaced out oddly. I rarely like non-official controllers, though.

Raf1k12903d ago

If anyone wants a new controller they'd be better off buying one of the new Razer controllers.

Reddit2903d ago

Yeah they look pretty sweet. I like the Xbox 360 Razer controller ove this for looks.

Reddit2903d ago

These look sweet as. Better than the normal Wii mote if you ask me.

Drjft2903d ago

Yeah I agree, the only thing I am concerned about is the build quality though.

CrzyFooL2903d ago

Hooray for unnecessary crap!!

BX812903d ago

Oddly enough your parents chanted the same thing at your birth! JK!

Drjft2903d ago

I actually lol'd. Bubbles.

bfenty2903d ago

These look pretty cool but I've never found a 3rd party controller I could get behind.

BX812903d ago

Did anyone purchase the MW2 controllers? If those were any good than I'm sure these will follow in the same steps. They are both made by mad catz. I personally never purchased a mad catz product.

Reddit2903d ago

I got one and took it back. They felt really weird, and I was used to the original Xbox 360 stock controller.

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