5 Things You Should Know About Your PS3

Just got yourself a PS3? Ready to game in high-definition, and watch some Blu-ray movies? Well read our article to make sure you got the lowdown on other features the PS3 has to offer.

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HeroXIV2594d ago

I knew about all of these. And it's not legal to share games. It's against Sony's EULA.

morganfell2594d ago

They left out number 6 - "Breaks the spirit and wallets of hackers like geohot."

Sitdown2594d ago

Things you should know...there should not be a #"6"..............bu t it appears the person who wrote the article does not know that either.

raWfodog2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I was going to bring up that very same point. He should have just called it '6 things you should know..." :)

jstefanovic2593d ago

I believe the "6" is a bonus, hence the "extra, extra". It's weird to have a "6 Things You Should Know About Your PS3". 5 works better

ReBurn2593d ago

Haha, that's hilarious morganfell! Got me chuckling!

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JamesFerguson2594d ago

But the President and CEO encouraged game sharing a few years ago.

ReBurn2593d ago

Sony encouraged sharing with friends and family, but people abused the feature and Sony has since revised the terms of use around game sharing. There were entire communities where people who did not know each other were sharing their PSN account information to get free games. Definitely not in the spirit in which Sony intended it.

harrisk9542594d ago

Actually, you are allowed to share PSN games with up to 5 people. Sony has promoted that since the PS3 was released.

Caspel2594d ago

that's what I thought too. Am I wrong to believe this?

BiggCMan2593d ago

number 5 made me laugh alot lol. i cant even begin to count how many times my friends leave my house and forgot to put the settings back to standard def lol. i knew about all of these though. and number 6!!! this is a must man. this is why some multiplats appear to look better on xbox during comparisons, its because the settings are not properly done. i guarantee that most sites like ign, gamespot etc... dont set the rgb settings to full on the ps3 version.

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nikkisixx22594d ago

almost all ps3 users know these

Godmars2902594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

The key word is "almost." Game sharing is not endorsed especially.

And if the thing with the HD was better known they wouldn't be making that much of a big deal aboutt he "new models" with larger HDD.

Rumor2594d ago

that dont know this are the ones that own no exclusives and only play call of duty

cjflora2593d ago

was "So you just got your shiny new PlayStation 3." I think that's a good clue that this was written for YOU. OH NO! *Universe implodes*

HarryM2594d ago

I knew all of these too but the title does say "5 Things You SHOULD Know About Your PS3"..

cjflora2593d ago

Read the first sentence.

MGRogue20172594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

All you need to know is that it only does Everything.. unlike a certain "other" console :)

ConanOBrien2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

So the PS3rd is a modern day Jesus that can save mankind from sins, right?
Or can make you rich? can speak like a humanoid? walk on the moon?

Waw.. it couldn't be more truer! This morning i asked a PS3rd and tadaaa it printed $100 bills for me!

lol lol lol

Spenok2593d ago

I dont even think its possible for you to be any more of a troll. Damn dude grow up.

cjflora2593d ago

Well, now that you mention it, the PS3 did manage to resurrect itself during the PS3 Apocalypse.

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BannedForNineYears2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Good article.