Geohot announces his retirement from hacking

The well-known iPhone hacker GeohotGeohot has announced his retirement from hacking.

He writes on his on his Twitter page: "it was a cool ride, and i've learned a lot about a lot. perhaps one of these days i'll do a more formal goodbye." - more through the link.

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Chicken Chaser2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Goodbye. You cost me Linux, dude.

SuperStrokey11232591d ago

Agreed, what a loser.

Sounds more like "i cant actually make the custom firmware for ps3 i promised so im quiting" to me.

Good Riddance. This guys has dont nothing but cost gamers.

captain-obvious2591d ago

I think the PS3 cracked him
he didn't wana sound like he couldn't do it
so he was like im retiring

but who knows

raztad2591d ago

I guess someone "motivated" him to retire. I mean there is people interested in stopping this guy work, so I wouldnt be surprised if there is some "incentives" behind his retirement.

sikbeta2591d ago

In Your F*cking FACE Geo-Looser!!

"bu...but, waitz I'll make da cuztom firmwarez"

Ha-Ha! He couldn't do it and now he retire, thanks for screwing up the OtherOS for the PS3 Community, that was your last lame attempt to f*cking PS3 gamers, now you can go hide under rock...

Blacktric2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Hahahha he PWNZ0RD himself in the a**. Fu*ktard...

morganfell2591d ago

Beaten by the big black box and a letter from Sony's legal team which says "Prepare for financiual ruin."

HolyOrangeCows2591d ago

In Soviet Russia, PS3 cracks YOU.

Conloles2591d ago Show
karl2591d ago

in other news!...

Geohot was found dead in his apartment after trying again to hack a ps3..

Proxy2591d ago

It was an epic battle between Sony's million dollar budgets and teams of engineers versus a lone teenager. It was a close match, but Sony won.

Maybe Geo will give up on his little hacks in favor of a more lucrative use of his talents. Of course, no matter how much he earns, learns, and achieves it wont change the fact that people on the comment section consider him a loser. I'm sure that will always haunt him.

Eamon2591d ago

It's hilarious to see the little ignorant kids here at N4G think Sony must have beaten him or something.

Most of you probably don't know he was an iPhone jailbreaker long before he tried to crack the PS3.

If he's retired, it's most probably because he's bored or fed up. He probably has a real life to attend to unlike most of the users here.

evrfighter2591d ago

actually it sounds like he just got hired on somewhere. Probably doing the same thing but getting paid for it.

Zachmo1822591d ago

Really why are you bitching? So what if he can't do it! YOU couldn't do half the stuff this guy did anyways.

I really don't no about this guy and what he did for hacking. But i at least no he made some kind of impact.

zag2591d ago

His videos on cracking the PS3, didn't really mean much I'm not fussed about the PS3 being hacked anyway.

This chip was designed by IBM who made new CPUs day-in day-out, and would know how to stop people from trying to hack into software or the chip itself with 50+ years of exp.

Sure you could try emu the last SPU which works but it acts as a gateway, but then your wasting cycles on an emu to act as a gateway and then how do you make an emu anyway when you would need all the keys and the main one changes after everytime you use the PS3.

Apparently his iPhone hacks fuck your iPhone after a few months as the hack is an emu and not a proper hack and the OS falls apart after a while.

jadenkorri2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

your here too, sooo...

as for geohot, he made a name for himself, just like an actor would do. SO he may get a decent job if he's lucky. Whether with sony or MS, or even apple.

ChozenWoan2591d ago

It only does
Retiring Hackers

stb2591d ago


It INDEED does everything.

RageAgainstTheMShine2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

WOW! PS3 gamers are having a field day! Yehey!

This is where the PS3:

OWNS the 360, OWNS the 360, OWNS the 360, OWNS the 360

OWNS the Wii, OWNS the Wii, OWNS the Wii,OWNS the Wii

OWNS the PC, OWNS the PC, OWNS the PC, OWNS the PC

in a good way


There is hope for the gaming industry! just Believe.

Piracy is bigger than 360 + Wii + PC combined!

And Sony has relentlessly taken this giant 4 scores now and still at it. That is already a victory since day one. PS3 is history in the making even if it still gets hacked in the future.

Although it cost Sony billions of dollars, we are glad that Sony has dealt with piracy first and foremost than its competitors. For decades Microsoft and Nintendo has proven to be helpless against this parasitic menace that made many software companies to close down even Sega. Even if the war isn't over it was worth the effort for Sony to use its resources and technology to battle against this giant.

Behold The POWER TRIO!!!

No not Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman!

The PS3's
the Cell microprocessor,
the Blu-ray disc
and PS3 Firmware Updates!

Now, Developers & Publishers will receive in full every cent every single blu-ray game they make and sell.

meaning more quality games

no one will be stealing their profit so they can write off piracy in retail pricing and lower the cost of games.

This means Sony with its head held up high, put PS3 stores on countries where software piracy is the business. i.e. Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, etc

even the movie makers will benefit with this success of the PS3!

It also gives us a sense of peace that our purchase of any PS3 game is worth it because no end consumer is playing the same $60.00 game of ours - for FREE - yes they play 360, Wii and PC games weeks before they are officially released.

I am not saying the PS3 is un-hackable but it sure will take more than a Geohot as it is more than a pain in the ass to crack open :)

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Rich16312591d ago

+ Bubbles Chicken, it's da truth!

DaTruth2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

I am DaTruth, and I approve this message!

Retired to one hit wonderdom!

yewles12591d ago

Best comment so far, Chicken Chaser.

oricon2591d ago

Lol so he basically screwed the linux for ps3 and doesn't release his promised custom firmware.

thematrix12982591d ago

You can't blame the guy for Sony taking away the OS. If Sony really had smart engineers they could've left the OS and implemented better security. This guy has a very bright future....he is too good for these computer firms. He may very well be working for FBI in future :O

krauley2591d ago

the 129 people that actually use it out of the 40 million ps3 can have linux. OK!

duplissi2591d ago

really? so what do you think about microsoft's and nintendo's engineers then? im pretty sure the ps3 is the only system that hasnt been 100% cracked, so id say they did a pretty damn good job.

thematrix12982591d ago

I'm referring to Sony because everyone here is b1tching about him taking away the Linux support. Obviously Nintendo and Microsoft's console has far inferior security system. All of you here are hypo-critic, you jail break iphone/ipod touch and use all the feature yet don't give credit this guy?

outwar60102591d ago

@ krauley Thats not the point. The reason why most including myself are pissed is that they advertised it as a feature and then removed it(geohots hack could have easily been patched meaning that geohott would have had to spend countless hours trying to find another backdoor) yet sony decided its power over sales laws andtake away the other os feature. Its kinda like buying a laptop with a free copy of IE and then MS decide to add a price plus logins to IE start up because they found out people use their browser to download illegal software. You've lost said feature so it feels like you have less of an item.

White-Sharingan2591d ago

@outwar6010- can you really blame sony though? You've seen what's happened with the PSP...everyone I know has a hacked PSP, I think the only people who really buy PSP games are the japanese. Sony always releases an update for the system and again it's hacked, they continue releasing updates, and it continues to be hacked. They are spending to much money and resources just to patch the handheld up.

Taking it from the consumer's perspective, I personally don't want to be downloading a new firmware update every 2 weeks (im exaggerating, I know) for my PS3. I don't care about linux, and most users didn't really cared about it. Would I want free PS3 games? sure, but I also want to support developers, good developers, who make great games and profit out of the sales.

nycredude2591d ago


What is this, this ifone and ipod touche you speak of?

adamx2591d ago

how much does he pay you to ride his nuts?

zag2591d ago

Yeah you can, because he was the one saying you needed openOS so you can hack the PS3.

So Sony remove it to stop people from getting any ideas of using it, otherwise people would have been able to use it.

hell the whole reason why it was there in the first place was so people could have a homebrew scene, yet Gethotz thinks you need to hack the system just to have a homebrew scene.

It was already there, the homebrew scene have just converted the whole xbox video player software over to the PS3 last month, that all means nothing now.

PshycoNinja2591d ago

ever advertised the Other OS feature. I'm sure that if they advertised it the US courts would of made Sony settle with the class action lawsuit.

I have asked this question for months and no one has ever shown me where Other OS was advertised.

outwar60102591d ago

@ PshycoNinja sales advisors everywhere used otherOS as a selling point im sure in the uk and probably the uk but sony have done it directly.

kuturagi refers to ps3 as a computer

video of harrison discussing other os among home brew for psp
and there are many others if you look. Every ps3 owner got screwed over and how many months on and the sting wont go. SOny has the ability to amend user agreements etc and basically say if you dont agree dont use our product and so on(an agrrement shown to users only after the purchase of their ps3!)