How Realistic Is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier?

NowGamer looks into whether the future tech in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has any scientific foothold...

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Chicken Chaser2747d ago

It's multiplatform right? Okay.. Not that realistic then.

FishCake9T42747d ago

Did you even read the article? Its quite interesting.
Heres some future weapons.
Wonder if they will have this in GHFS.

Hideo_Kojima2747d ago

I like the game but the first part of the E3 gameplay seemed very unrealistic to me... the guys were clearly visible yet they were not seen by the enemies.

morganfell2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

The weapons and systems often shown in games like this never make it out of Aberdeen or Natick. Look how long games have been pushing things like the dead M8 program. Besides, Ubisoft has ignored the part of the game that should be emphasized...and it isn't the technology:

"Despite the importance of the technology, at the heart is still the warrior; enormously skilled, highly trained, and unwilling to lose. It is the soldier that drives the technology rather than the other way around."

There have been posts from him on a few forums where he broke off his relationship with Red Storm because they failed to properly portray the soldiers and made it all about technology.

otherZinc2747d ago

Now they say its going to fall into March?! Well, Gears is releasing in March, isn't it?

If Ghost Recon Released in December, it would be great.

Reibooi2747d ago

From what I saw at E3 the game looked great but the AI looked retarded. There was a point in the demo where one of the guys gets a bullet in his head and the guy just holds up the corpse in the chair. The AI just looks at the dead guy in a chair and walks away. There is NO WAY you would not notice a giant bullet hole in a guys head and blood pouring from it. Not to realistic if you ask me.

That's just the AI though. Everything else looked great.

BattleAxe2747d ago

Ghost Recon seems stale to me. The production values have always been higher on the Rainbow Six series for some reason.

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trounbyfire2747d ago

so it knifes him and you watch

casual id say

tdrules2747d ago

what is wrong with you people?
you should be asking how fun is ghost recon!

Realism is not a factor in fun, if it is, it is a minor one

Xfanboy2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Every 2011 graphics is already last gen!!!

ULTIMATE_REVENGE2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

The graphics look like crap but the camera shaking is pretty real.

SixZeroFour2747d ago motion it looked amazing, but when he slowed down, the textures on the arms and truck, and the weapon model werent THAT great, still good tho

IncredibleGames2747d ago

dude really? does textures look last gen...

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