Sony: "We don't want PlayStation Move to be a casual controller"

GamerZines writes:

Sony have revealed that during the design and development of their new PlayStation Move device, that it "wasn't the goal" for it to be seen to be a casual controller.

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Capt-FuzzyPants2744d ago

I'm only getting it ( as of now ) for LBP2 and Socom 4.

zootang2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I'll be getting it for Sorcery and Echochrome 2

Edit: I'm also hoping for a new Top Spin tennis with Move support

Redempteur2744d ago

LBP2 and children of eden
and sorcery

Capt-FuzzyPants2741d ago

yea i forgot about sorcery that looks good too

callahan092744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Singing my tune, Sony, keep it up and I'll be happy. Can't wait to play some shooters with this controller. I loved Metroid Prime 3 with that control style, and to have games to control like that with the increased precision and accuracy of the Move remote will be awesome. I hope someone makes some drivers for the PSeye, Move controller, and Navigation controller so I can play my PC games with this. I enjoy Sixense for PC games, but I think Move looks like a more comfortable remote and the accuracy definitely looks better.

Edit: 2 things... First, sorry for responding to your comment Capt-Fuzzy-Pants, not sure how that happened. I meant to post a stand-alone comment.

Second, I would like to explain the reason I want this for my PC gaming.

While I am good with mouse/keyboard combo, much better in fact than with an Xbox 360 controller hooked up to my PC, I do have some nerve damage in my wrist and I can't play for very long without a lot of pain. I can play games with Sixense or the Wii-mote for hours on end and never get that wrist pain that playing with a mouse gives me. The Move/Nav combo looks like the best version of that control scheme, so good that hopefully it can be good enough to replace my mouse for some (I don't expect all) of my PC gaming, and I can prevent some of the wrist pain. So hopefully somebody releases downloads to make it work on PC.

pain777pas2744d ago

here is my prdiction 3d might fail. Move will not.

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lastdual2744d ago

That's where the money is. It worked pretty well for Nintendo. And let's face it, it's the casuals who want motion controls. Hardcore gamers just hope this is a phase the industry is going through...

Garnett2744d ago

Exactly, Sony needs to realize that people who want motion controls are casuals, Hardcore gamers want basic controller.

DORMIN2744d ago

"because every gamer is a true gamer. motion gamers, sitting gamers, everyone. and though we may pledge fanboy allegiances to different flags, deep down inside we all serve one master, one king.

and his name is GAMING, forever may he reign!"

stuna12744d ago

I am a hardcore gamer, and will be getting move day 1 already have the camera. I think move will be surprising a lot of doubters well into the ps3 life cycle! And I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Spenok2744d ago

I'm sure Sony knows that the majority of the Move crowd will be casuals, but if they market it to hardcore as well then they should get more adopters. Thats why they have an equal number of casual Move games to Hardcore games. I for one will be buying Move for its hardcore games. Like Sorcery, LBP2, KZ3, Socom and so on.

BeaArthur2744d ago

Is that why they already have their own collection of shovelware? It's cool that they are trying to cater to the hardcore but they are going to have a ton of Wii like titles and we all know it.

Pennywise2744d ago

Of course there will be shovelware... they are also the only company out of the two doing HD that has shown any promise of hardcore games.

Sony can't stop 3rd parties from making games... They can push their 1st party studios to make HC games for the Move. You know that is all that matters.

BeaArthur2744d ago

Yeah but Sony saying "We don't want PlayStation Move to be a casual controller" is crap. They designed the Move controller with stealing a share of the Wii marketplace in mind. They didn't just decide to make motion controllers out of the blue and they certainly didn't design it because we asked for it. I mean look at the commercials, they look pretty similar to the Wii commercials we have been seeing for years. You're telling me the "archery mom" is a hardcore gamer? I'm not saying they are wrong for targeting that market, it's actually the smart thing to do, but I'm not going to sit here and let them pull the wool over my eyes.

Pennywise2744d ago

Point taken, but don't confuse shovelware with fun. I think that is where the problem is starting. The sports champions might be a bite on wiisports, but so what? Wii sports is one of the best offerings of motion gaming. Of course Sony will have their own version and no doubt it will be more accurate making it a better experience.

I don't think you can fully call such an accurate experience casual. They have stated that if you suck at table tennis in RL, you will suck in game too... that is pretty hardcore. The definition of hardcore doesn't just mean the games will be shooters or fighters or whatever you have in your head.

We will get a starwars game, LoTR style games, Sorcery type games, shooters, driving games, adventure games... sure there will also be casual games and I'm sure some stupid stuff like dancing games and fitness nonsense. And I'm sure 3rd parties will sneak in some garbage like cooking momma... but Sony's first party studios MAIN focus has always been their hardcore, gaming everyday, competitive audience. Their track record proves that... Why all the hostility and doubt?

harrisk9542744d ago

Of course Sony has control of what games get released on the PS3 and they absolutely can control shovelware. Not to say that shovelware won't exist, but Sony can certainly limit it and keep the quality of the games high -- even the casual ones.

BeaArthur2744d ago

No hostility, just arguing my point. I just don't like having comapnies blatently lie to me, which is what I feel is going on here. There will be plenty of hardcore support, but as I have already said, this is clearly designed as direct competition to the Wii. Everyone wants a piece of that pie and I don't blame them, but don't tell me it's not a casual controller when it's main purpose is to compete with a casual gaming system. As I have already said, Sony didn't design this because hardcore gamers asked for it.

I'm not saying shovelware can't be fun, but it's still shovelware. Yeah Wii sports can be entertaining and there are Wii games that can be enjoyable but you aren't going to sink 20 hours into Wii sports. Case and point, Heroes on the Move. That games is total shovelware and as much as everyone likes to think that Sorcery game is going to be awesome I bet we saw the best of it at E3.

harrisk9542744d ago

Maybe it is being pushed now after the success of the Wii, but it can't be argued that Richard Marks has been working on the Move tech for about 10 years. And, the full quote from Marks is:

"There's a big, simple button under your thumb and nice analogue buttons. So those are for the casual players, but then we had the original PlayStation symbols for the core experiences," Marks continues. "It was really important that the design appeal to both. We don't want it to be a casual controller, that wasn't the goal."

Move it designed to appeal to both casual and hardcore, unlike the Wiimote and Kinect.

Omega42744d ago

Well if thats the case, at least they won't be surprised when they don't get an increase in hardware sales, cause no hardcore gamer is going to buy a ps3 for Move

dustgavin2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Nice to know that you speak on behalf of all PS3 gamers. Meanwhile, Skittles is waiting for you to purchase a new plush toy for kinectimals.

Edit: Pretty sure that Hacker and Omega4 is the same person.

Baka-akaB2744d ago

Then again why does it matter to you ?

Or why would you wish for more casual crap on your beloved 360 ?

all three manufacturers are healthy to a point where more money doesnt affect at all the quality of the "core" games .

I really hope you are an employee or got microsoft shares , otherwise your life is just so pathetically sad

Archdemon2744d ago

Amiright Nintendo? *high fives*

Ri0tSquad2744d ago

Downplaying it, lol. Seems like you want it to fail more than anyone else 0_o

sikbeta2744d ago


The same way no hardcore games id going to buy an x360 + a $150 add-on camera to play wii like games...

ZootALarz2744d ago

Regardless of the console, it's all motion control, it's all potentially -- nay, guaranteed to be gimmicky, and it's all going to have heaps upon heaps of shovelware. So take your console wars somewhere else.

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