The 'Innovation' in BioShock Detailed

When the first tech demo was released for Half-Life 2 in 2003 the exciting thing about the Source engine was that objects in the virtual world had properties. Wood behaved like wood - it would burn, splinter, float etc. So, whenever a level designer used "wood" in a building or for anything else in a level, with that came all the characteristics of wood - which meant that a door, for example, could be busted through or burnt etc.

It was fantastic because until that point, everything (e.g. every door) had to be programmed separately. Suddenly, level building became much easier, and the finished product was much more representative of the real world. For the most part, however, they stopped at the environment. They didn't carry that technology over to the A.I. They continue, even now, to rely on heavily on scripting.

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Sweet. Less than 3 weeks now.....

MK_Red3919d ago

Good stuuf but they don't need to detail this game, Bioshock IS the innovation. Can't wait (Curses PC mag for not giving Bioshock a perfect score).

Rooted_Dust3919d ago

I prefer mags that thoroughly detail the games they review, and not just give them rubber stamp ratings like OXM.

ShiftyLookingCow3919d ago

again OXM gave Crackdown 70/100 according to metacritic

ShiftyLookingCow3919d ago

The more real news I hear about this game the more excited me gets. Check the "Gears of War Pisses Me Off for All the Wrong Reasons" article in the side, its a fun read. I too was pissed off at the underground device not working but I got over it, I sort of loved abusing that PMS gorilla of a b*tch Berserker on the train though.

BLACKJACK VII3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Try frag tagging her. The coolest way I every beat RAAM on Insane: Active reloaded torque bow followed by active sniper shots to the head until he got all the way to me.... jumped over my cover prepping to run (thought I was toast) - stuck him with a Frag & *BOOM* Raam was dead !!! *Achievement Unlocked*


SuperSaiyan43919d ago

To me there is NO regular edition LOL. Great value for money though considering what you get! Even though its like $100 equivalent *mumbles*

ShiftyLookingCow3919d ago

yeah cant miss that cool Big Daddy miniature.

SuperSaiyan43919d ago

Gonna act play as pick it up and say 'Whos your daddy!' hahahaha its soo funny!!!

Also would be awesome whilst playing UNO and saying 'Whos your daddy' and then pick up the figurine hahahaha.

Man I cant wait!!! Such a lovely nice big box with loads of goodies! Man I dont even wanna open it lol!

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The story is too old to be commented.