Demons Crest Retro Review - Lens of Truth

Lens of Truth writes - "It’s Summer here in the USA and also hotter then hell. So what better game to do a retro review on then Capcom’s Demon’s Crest? Okay, you can probably think of quite a few other games which fit the Summertime theme better but who cares! We’ve been wanting to show you this little unknown from Capcom for quite a while now. Demon’s Crest stars the demon Firebrand, and is the third (and best) game in the Gargoyles Quest series. Come inside for more info on this Gem."

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Chris3992902d ago

I don't care on what platform. Every game was phenomenal. And Demon's Crest was pretty much as good as it got for action/ RPGs.

Baron792902d ago

Awesome Game! Hopefully Capcom will bring this to, at least the wii virtual console. It deserves to be played be anyone who missed it and right now the only way is on the Super Nintendo.

stealyrface2902d ago

What can I say the games that Capcom delivered for the SNES are just awesome!!!!

Joe Bomb2902d ago

Great game! Tough to find though. I wish I didn't trade mine to Funcoland 15 years ago LOL!