Top 5 Video Game Characters Who Suffer From Roid Rage

We have all played video games wherein the main character is either outrageously large, strong or just plain angry; so here is a list of the Top 5 Video Game Characters, which suffer from some serious cases of Roid Rage.

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NYC_Gamer3079d ago

where are all the characters from epic?

Chuchutrolley3079d ago


And theres nothing wrong with being gay, it's 2010 after all. Just do your audience and yourself a favor Cliffy, and stop filling your games with your hidden desires.

Inside_out3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

You sound like the kid that gets slapped around alot. Try working out as hard as that sounds. Maybe take some boxing or MMA lessons so your not such a wimp. PS3 guys always have problems with A sure sign of pencil neck geek syndrome. There's a cure for that but it requires WORK. Fitness is so over rated huh guys.

Sam Fisher is a bada$$...Krav Maga works in mysterious Take some Krav Maga lessons ChooCH. Sam will show you some moves for free to get you started. ALL from the demo on XBL. Imagine 8+ hrs of this kinda thing. Yes, the graphics are that good and detailed, Unreal 2.5.

Spenok3078d ago

LMAO good one. Though i personally dont like the GeoW games, i do respect them. There decent titles.

BeaArthur3079d ago

They are probably not on there because they are specific instances of roid rage, not which characters are actually on steroids.

NovaXz3079d ago

They just suffer from being too big and lack any sort of brain power.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3078d ago

cept batman of course. He has lotsa brain power.

Chazmers3079d ago

lack of Brick from Borderlands, hell he even has a special ability to go Berserk and take on enemies with his fists!

jeseth3079d ago

Chris Redfield is pretty calm and calculated, no signs of any rage.

Sam Fisher isn't very muscular in the 'roid sense.

Dante is a white haired anime fairy.

Kratos and Batman are good examples. Kratos is just plain nuts . . . and amazing! Batman has such a violent persona that it would be believable that he's a juicer.

P.S. Watching the Poseidon clip reminds me how incredible and brilliant GOW3 was. That game was the perfect end to Kratos' story.

Aleusia3078d ago

Making comments about Dante being a "white haired anime fairy." I'll bet you never even played Devil May Cry.

Your tastes suck and the games and characters you like suck too. Kratos is essentially nothing but a bald retard who exhibits nothing but the behavior expected of a bald retard on steroids.


jeseth3073d ago

Devil May Cry hasn't been worth anything since PS2 (DMC4 was an abortion) and yes, Dante is an alpha male caught in an anime fairy nightmare. I'don't find him "ROID-ish" at all.

Dante doesn't look like a juicer, he is a white haired anime-fairy.

The conversation isn't whether he is a good character or not its titled "Top 5 Characters who suffer from Roid Rage". Sorry if I insulted your boyfriend Dante, nevermind how off base you are about Kratos considering the topic.

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The story is too old to be commented.