Nothing Says Xbox 360 In Japan Like A Grown Man In A Dress

Kotaku: Like its previous title, Namco Bandai's idol simulator THE [email protected] 2 is coming to the Xbox 360. Time to celebrate! In drag.

This is the latest in a series of wry ads depicting the members of "Xbox Mission Department" as they sign contracts with new titles and try not to barf. The commercials are somewhat reminiscent of the old Dreamcast spots.

Love the wtf look at the kids' faces as the Xbox Mission Department's chief belts out "Kimi to Keiyaku Shitai", or "I want to sign a contract with you".

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Nike2902d ago

Jesus, was there nothing else in the advertising budget?

Spenok2902d ago

Lmao good question. Obviously not.

HolyOrangeCows2902d ago

The Xbox 360 in a nutshell.

DelbertGrady2902d ago

More like Japan in a nutshell.

Newtype2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

No, it's [email protected] never played it? People of the fanbase would get the commercial. It caters to the otaku fanbase.

sikbeta2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

WOW, way to kill the product you want to sell, OMG! the Face of the poor girls...

Redempteur2902d ago

i still don't understand why ( with a anime + oavs ) a game on ds , 3 games psp , the main saga is still on 360 only in japan ...

Another thing i don't understand with namco .. why not go multiplatform ? are they afraid of money ?

Terarmzar2902d ago

Umm What in the hell just happened...

yewles12902d ago


*nervous laughter*

Godmars2902902d ago

Funny, don't see anyone in that commercial laughing...

Excalibur2902d ago

Xbox isn't doing well in Japan.....

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The story is too old to be commented.