The Top Five Ways The Internet Is Ruining Gaming

From "Ever since Al Gore took the initiative to create the internet in 1992, the information superhighway has been improving the lives of users worldwide in a multitude of ways once never even imagined. Gone are the days where little Jimmy from down the block had to come over with his controller to get in a killer session of Techmo Bowl, as through the advent of the world wide web, an entire universe of gamers are now connected to each other from the comforts of their own home. The internet has changed the face of gaming as we know it, bringing our imagination to a new level of euphoria and offering hours and hours of replay value to most of the games in our gaming liabrary."

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Claudinho693076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

dont play online

BeaArthur3075d ago

Online is usually great. There are some issues (some of which are listed), but that doesn't mean everyone should stop playing online.

ABizzel13075d ago

The Internet is ruing life in general. Identity theft, annoying trolls are taking over. And then when moderation starts happening people want to complain. That's why we have laws in the real world, because people are stupid, evil, and destroy evreything they can.

RageAgainstTheMShine3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

.... by bribing journalists left and right. MicroShaft thinks money is the only answer to everything. Now money has answered back to them...losing billions. Fortunately the tide of war is shifting against them many of these so called journalist are becoming turn coats.

HolyOrangeCows3075d ago

1) Developers using MP as excuse to make little content
2) Fees over fees over fees
3) Hackers/pirates
4) Hate/murders/stalkings/bigotry /etc
5) DLC map packs ($5-10 for a couple modified SP

NecrumSlavery3075d ago

Online trophies and achievements for games with unsupported online, like Bioshock 2.

BeaArthur3075d ago

For me the biggest issue is cheating. Although DLC is getting up there as well. Knowing that devs. withhold content in order to sell it to us later pisses me off.

Spenok3075d ago

Those are some pretty good reasons. I agree.

Claudinho693075d ago

i meant he whos complainin should stop playing online.

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Kahvipannu3075d ago

Trashtalk- yes, it's annoying, mute has been invented

patching and bugs- I agree that they are annoyance, but games are way more complex these days, and they are almost innevitable these days. Patches are good thing, back in days you bought buggy game, it stayed as that.

servers- yes it's annoying, but really, it doesn't ruin the rest of the game for me.

Piracy- Agreed, it is bad thing for industry

stealing money- Agreed. Back in PC-era all content was free, and I would like it to bee free now, or a lot cheaper. Ofcourse DLC is getting also more complicated and time consuming, so at that stand I understand the fee, as long as it is reasonable.

Or how Claudinho sayed, don't go online :D

MysticStrummer3075d ago

I mostly agree with this, but there should be a mention of the flamebait/fanboy "journalism" that is rampant these days and seemingly getting worse. It's one thing to blindly support one system, but too many sites put out misinformation like it's part of their mission statement and call it news.

nix3075d ago

fanboy journalism is ruining gaming! that's all.

you'll meet worse/irritating people on the street/work/everywhere but if the informers, that is the journalists themselves, are fanboys then that's one hell of a bad news for gaming.

DaReapa3075d ago

I completely agree with the article, even though I would have arranged them in a different order - the same five no less. I dislike fanboyism and flamebait journalism just as much, if not more, than the next man. But I think the article is more centered towards the advent of internet in videogaming than just the internet itself.

BeaArthur3075d ago

That would have been #6. I think everything on the list is more important than dealing with communities like this one.

ogwilson3075d ago

Agreed with everything this article says. I used to enjoy gaming more without the internet. Now it's just a way to pass the time.

ASSASSYN 36o3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Al gore did not invent the internet! The Internet is a partnership of the federal government and the private sector coming together. Key players beginning in the 1960s include the U.S. Department of Defense (DARPA) and the National Science Foundation's efforts to set up computer communication networks so scientists and engineers could exchange information quickly and effeciently. Not Al Gore.

ASSASSYN 36o3075d ago

A pathetic attempt at humor from a literal comment of a direct quote. I honestly believe you did think he created the internet. The quote you used is not altered for humor. Al Gore, said exactly that what you copied and pasted in this article!

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