Fatal Inertia footage

Koei's high speed, anti gravity racer has been delayed on PS3 due to "difficulties ", but that hasn't stopped GamesRadar from strapping themselves into the Xbox 360 version to capture this exclusive footage of Fatal Inertia's cockpit view.

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madness3463d ago

wow... no water or dirt kick up

Marty83703463d ago

God even the early PS3 demo had a smoother frame rate than that. I'll wait too see the PS3 version thanks.

Lakuspakus3463d ago

How can you even start to talk about framerates and dirt physics in an early vid like this?

Honeal2g3463d ago

i just played the demo and the controls are little hard for to me to get used to ..the water and dirt both kick up and graphics are pretty damn nice wait for the ps3 for wat? its gonna look the same as all the other multiplatform....framerate is fine quit ur bltching dont hate!

xg-ei8ht3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

slowdown galore.

But to be honest, from the vids i saw before, i wondered how this played.

But now i've seen it properly, it looks pretty boring, like its on rails.

I'll pass.

Maldread3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Well, i glad they`re doing something else than another Dynasty Warrior, but it does look like a usual Koei game to me. Boring and repetitive. Still, hope Koei can sort out the problems they had with the UT-engine, so that shouldn`t be the main problem with the game.

I would take Wipeout over this any day.

nice_cuppa3463d ago

needs the wipeout view.(that view used in video was poor)
needs less shaking and more speed.
needs better code as there was pop up and slow down.

could be good.
i want a new wipeout and a new quantum red shift.

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