8 Steps Namco Needs to Take to Improve the Next Tekken Game

With the next installment to one of Namco’s popular fighting game franchises confirmed to be in the “early stages of development”, it's time that Namco made some needed changes to the series if they want to keep Tekken from becoming stale and if they want to keep this Tekken fan's attention.

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Quagmire2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

No Azazel/Nancy boss types. And no retarded scenario mode, please. Keep it like how Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection was. Tekken 6 was a dissapointment, im hoping Tekken 7 doesnt turn me off from the series forever.

Baka-akaB2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

you realize there always was that kind of retarded boss (the devils , ogre , that thing from tag ) ?? except for tekken1

And half of most people's dissapointment was the lack of changes , while they mostly balanced what they had ... the other half being the graphics and the subar online

Davoh2926d ago

Agreed, get rid of cheap last bosses and not replace the main campaign with a side-scrolling beat 'em up.

alphakennybody2926d ago

tekken 3's tekken force was the best! I hate what they've done in from 4 to 6

Immortal3212926d ago

is my only complaint. I couldn't fight like I would in a regular match, but the cpu seem to pull off combos.

If the devs are sticking with the 3d scenario, at least make the movelist simple.

@eddy raja, tekken5 had one of the best in my opinion.

vsr2926d ago

1.PS3 exclusive as usual
2.All returning characters from tekken 1,2,3,& tag

stonecold12926d ago

need to come back home on the playstation3

panasonic232926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

but tekken never left the playstation

Redempteur2926d ago

8 step only ?

i borrowed the game from a friends and gave it back the week after

The amount of character isn't a problem ..SF4 did this as well and it worked

But the loading times ( even with install ) ..
the horrible story mode ( HORRIBLE ) so many cutscenes to tell so few things
Broken online ( seriously )
The amount of grinding money if you want customisation ( why the change ? in Soul 4 this wasn't that hard )

dredgewalker2926d ago

I agree, I can't believe how much you had to earn just to get some simple accessories!!

Baka-akaB2926d ago

there is an easy and cheap way to get 5-10k bags of gold , basically at least 3 millions every five min , but we shouldnt even be searching for it to begin with

Baka-akaB2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Whoever decided to put heavy customisation but prevent you from showing them off , when not online deserves some major slaps .

It's retarded and so easy to fix , a damn loading profile system for EACH player .

The author of the article isnt bright either . You absolutely could change the default hair for everyone , and the customisation was actually quite deep , only plagued with horrible grind to unlock items .

And he further proves his stupidity with the "too many characters" comments . If at least the game was unbalanced , then he'd make some sense . It's beyond a doubt the most balanced tekken ever . And the first time new characters arent broken from the start

Gameplay wise , there is one thing that keep bugging me since t4 , and keep getting worse ... the heavy focus on juggle combos .

stuff like 10 hits combo were well balanced , any seasoned player knows to stop or block those easy strings , when abused by noobs and scrubs .
Heavy juggling is still easily dealt with by pro players , but it has become a way to repetitive occurence .

Tekken was never about fancy never ending combos , and when you make it so , given the pace , it becomes a bore to play and watch . What's fun in a blazblue , guilty gear , or street fighter is just aggravating in tekken .
T6 both balanced and worsened that aspect , with the bound (extra bounce) systeme .

sonicsidewinder2926d ago

If that happened then you would have just given Namco the window of DLC. In the end there would be more than a few people to 'miss' their missing characters, giving Namco the go a head to shuv DLC down the throat.

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