BioWare Man Hails Cloud Gaming Potential

NowGamer: BioWare co-founder Dr Greg Zeschuk has discussed cloud-gaming services such as Gaikai and Onlive, saying that they could revolutionise the gaming industry

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Nihilism2900d ago

"saying that they could monopolize the gaming industry"

Fixed. Burn Onlive, burn hard but burn slow, I want to watch you die.

Imagine becoming dependant on not only continuing to pay to play software, but at the end of the day not owning the hardware, that's a vicious cycle if i've ever seen one...after a few years people won't be able to justify the cost of buying their own gear and will be stuck on Onlive etc...

Anon19742900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

It's not ready yet, but make no mistake. Cloud gaming is the future. All the current issues the game industry faces will be solved with cloud gaming.

Consoles too expensive to develop? No problem. Sell cheap cable box type consoles that allow users to hook up to the gaming servers. The servers do all the work, and the company with the best and fastest hardware servers get's the most users.
Piracy? Solved.
Gamers not buying enough games? Ongoing subscription fees. Solved.
Used games sales robbing the industry of billions? Solved. And if used game sales show anything, it's that most gamers don't bother holding onto their titles indefinitely.

And innovation would still be alive and well as the company with the best games on their network would attract the most gamers.

No one bats an eye that people have cable boxes and pay monthly fees for the channels the want to have access to. We don't own those shows we watch. Are video games that much different? And think of the variety that this would provide the gamers while not having to shell out for individual games and new hardware.

I think cloud gaming is probably a decade or so away after this gen is long over but people already have proven on XBL and WOW that they're willing to pay ongoing fees to play the games they want. I agree with Dr Zeschuk on this one.

Spenok2900d ago

Well thought out, though i have to agree with dchalfond i like owning my content. I have over 900+ games in my collection. And i dont plan on selling them any time soon.

2900d ago
BillOreilly2900d ago

agree onlive would be dope w no fees just buy the box for cheap and they make profit off the games sold and you keep em on harddrive. id be tempted to get one since my pc sucks more cock than lindsey lohan


if onlive gave me hte games at a fraction of the price i currently pay then maybe id take a look but that wont happen just look at the price of psp games on psn compared to in a shop it stupid if im not getting box,disc,manual and no resale value why would i choose the download version