New Xbox 360 S: The Quietest HD Console

NowGamer: We perform a vaguely scientific experiment to decide which is the quietest HD console...

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The-Tentacle3080d ago

only took them 5 years and 20 million+ broken consoles!

jimmins3080d ago

Yeah, good point ;)

Still. Well done. Finally.

3080d ago
Projekt7tuning3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

^ ^ ^

Really? OMG Really?
Were going to argue how new the PS3 slim was?
Well who the F cares? Just play some games and get on with it.
Oh, and by the way, it was an "early early" 360 slim they used too.
Don't take this crap so serious. Go grab a game and have some fun.

sikbeta3080d ago

We are going to argue about this now? I mean, If during 5 years wasn't important, why it's important now?

Downtown boogey3080d ago

This isn't really legit. They measured the momentary HDD usage which caused the spikes for the PS3's but the 360 outputs the same loud noise constantly. It's out of proportion.

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TheMART3080d ago

Yeah Sony was a bit quicker to fix the YLOD the Fats (especially launch models 20/60GB) were facing, they fixed it in about 3 years.

What they haven't fixed, and maybe even got worse to degrade quality because they needed to cut the PS3's price is the quality of the BluRay diode. They die left and right at people I know with PS3's... My PS3 fat's diode died being just 3 weeks old. Seems PS2 diode problem all over again...

BldyShdw3080d ago

I'm on my 2nd 360
I'm on my 1st PS3

Not sure where you get your facts from.

lonix3080d ago

If you drop your console

3080d ago
raztad3080d ago

It is a good thing MS finally sorted the issue of hardware quality out. They were such in a hurry to be the first that forgot to include reliability as a feature in its products.

I'm surprised it took them so long. Too bad for the 40m users stuck with the old model. Time for an upgrade, I guess.

moparful993080d ago

Wow way to attempt and shift focus off of the worse consumer electronics failure rate in recent memory. Microsoft and quality are not aquainted.. Hence why I refuse to buy microsoft products..

Terarmzar3080d ago

My 60Gb ps3 is very healthy thank you very much
A serving of suckers will keep it goin

jneul3080d ago

you know what the difference between ps3 and x360 is ps3 failures are well within accepted levels and are below 5%, x360 is well beyond acceptable levels (50%)and ms got threatened that x360 would be taken off the market if they did not at least extend it's warranty, so guess which is more the reliable console again you that's right ps3 is.
the thing is you lot swear that ps2 reliability faults was the reasons you all went and got the 360, only for it to become the most unreliable console ever released, talk about being biased to the point where you have had 3 or more RRODs and still keep on going back for more

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Tito083080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

But I don't care if its the quietest, I want a reliable machine, that's what matters to me, which the 360 isn't!!!!

TrevorPhillips3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Finally. My previous console is so loud, louder then a lown mower lol

And also I agree with Tentacle.

TheMART3080d ago

Thing is... There are two different PS3 Slims




(models differ from country/region a bit)

I have the 2nd one, which has the 40nm RSX and 45nm cell, introduced april/may this year. Before that it was the 65nm RSX and 45nm cell combi which took about 20 to 30 watt more power and thus producing more heat and most likely having more fan noise.

This is all hypothetical though, as I can't compare both slims, I only own a Fat and the newest Slim. I could imagine the newest slim is as quiet, if not more quiet than the 360 Slim. This test they might have used the newest PS3 Slim though, you'd never know, but I think its the older one as most people have that one.

kharma453080d ago

The CECH2001A isn't the one with the 40nm cell, the CECH210x models are.

Nike3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

"Vaguely scientific"

Stopped reading right there, did you? I stopped at "NowGamer". :)

And before anyone asks why I bothered to comment, it's so this could get to front page and be torn apart by everyone else. >:D

@Jimmins: It's a living, unlike a job at NowGamer.

Where do you work again? :)

jimmins3080d ago

I love you Nike. You are our number one troll.



ut Nowgamer loves the PS3, in fact I think its Pro sony. You really should be dry humping it, you know?!?!?

Nike3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

"Pro-Sony"? But this article is "Pro-360" (that too, for no goddamned good reason. "Vaguely scientific"? Ha!).

Whichever nets it the most hits on any given day, I guess. You know, when those goldmines they call "top 10's" are running dry. ;)

Edit: Or maybe it means your focus on only the controversial issues of each console shows you run to whatever you can milk for the most hits?

Also, congrats on having a thought. Do you want your gold star now or when the rest of us start giving a rat's ass?

jimmins3080d ago

Maybe, the mixture of articles highlighting issues both good and bad across all platforms mean NowGamer are pro-no one?

Just a thought.

trounbyfire3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

and he does not seem like a fanboy

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