Dark Sector Hands-On Preview

The gameplay of Dark Sector involved a top secret CIA operative named Hayden Tenno. What separates Tenno from the rest of the special ops is his arm which has been mutated in ways that have given him unique abilities that come into play throughout the game. As Hayden progresses through a former state of the Soviet Union, the powers of his arm will increase as they reveal themselves to him and he learns to utilize them. As one might imagine, the fallout from Soviet nuclear explosions has left the state of Lasria highly toxic. This means lots of mutants running lose causing all kinds of trouble that Hayden will have to deal with as he uncovers his own bizarre mutation. Making matters worse a group of militants has their sights set on controlling these nuclear freaks as a sort of army of their own. Hayden will definitely have his hands full as he fights his way through this action packed adventure...

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BLACKJACK VII3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I actually think this game could be very, very cool. I know it's been in development for awhile, & they basically completely changed the game from it's original concept, But the choices the developers have made look like the right ones. It will basically have the same controls as Gears - & that's a good thing. Look at how many FPS's evolved from Halo's control scheme.


This game is completely off the radar for me

Call me a Sci Fi geek, but, I was really into the original concept, it really looked cool, to the point where it was being called MGS in Space

Oh well, there are so many other titles that I have to spend my time and money on, this wont be to bad of a loss.


PlayStation3603765d ago

but I love the "over the shoulder" camera angle. Started with RE4 (if I remember correctly), Gears followed, Dark Sector looks to have it, and it seems RE5 is gonna use it. Dark Sector is definitely on my wish list.

s8anicslayer3765d ago

this is another game i can't wait to play.